Dionysus's Collection -- Piece 2

Dionysus's Collection -- Piece 2

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Dionysus's Collection<br /><br />

The significance of wine, as a religious symbol, existed long before the days of Jesus. Wine was the beverage of choice for the ancient Greeks, and although they used fairly different ingredients than what we know today, the symbolic implications remain the same. <br /><br />

As an active substance that would enliven the body, wine was the typical “party drink” of the time. However, due to its intoxicating effects, it contained a darker appeal associated with strange mystical followings. Cults such as the Dionysian Mysteries, as well as the more observable religious festivals and community carnivals, were in honor of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine.<br /><br />

Dionysus was worshiped on many levels, and because of this he was known as a god of extremes: From the giver of sensual pleasures, to more chaotic, destructive passions. As a late arrival to the twelve Olympians, Dionysus was perhaps the most mysterious god in the entire Greek pantheon.
Many scholars suggest that Dionysus was a foreign god, developing as early as the Minoan dynasty. Regardless of his placement in history, he parallels some of the most familiar gods we still praise today. <br /><br />

His giving nature precluded a diary of secrets that were found by a Gypsy in Alvernia. This was used to impose powers and energies into items that will generate his ideals and passions through his substance and significance in history. <br /><br />

First and foremost, Dionysus was a fertility god that was “twice born,” once by his mother Semele, and the other by his father, Zeus, who sewed him to his loins as a fetus, before Semele died. Although not all dying gods were associated with vegetation, the death and rebirth of Dionysus was based on fertility rites, marking the seasonal changes of the year. In fact, Dionysus’ association with the grapevine, and the wetness of juice, stimulated much dryer aspects of the harvesting process, namely grain and agriculture. Additionally, given that the bull was a symbol of generative power, and a desired animal to plow the fields when castrated, Dionysus could very well have been related to Taurus, the Bull.<br /><br />

The constellation Taurus is composed of two main star clusters: Pleiades and Hyades. Both these star clusters were known as the “bringers of rain,” since they would disappear in the sky during the rainy season. The appearance of Pleiades resembled a bunch of grapes, and was appropriately given that title, not only because its stars were clustered together, but also because, in myth, those stars were the nymphs who nursed baby Dionysus after his mother passed away. In other words, Dionysus’ relation to wine was also analogous to the life-giving element of rainwater.<br /><br />

This piece proclaims the noted energies from the Gypsy who invoked this piece with the ideals of rain and wetness -- but she proclaimed it in a sexual way. This piece is designed to bring about extra bodily fluids to the adorner. For women this will make you more moist naturally when excited, and for men this will bring about stronger, more forceful loads because your quantity will increase in vast volume!

Many people have desires to have a more enjoyable sex life and need to use oils, creams, etc. --- not anymore with this piece! Clip this to your underwear on a day you plan on sexual activity and by being placed there for at least 3 hours prior -- it will start to release energies that will get your body moving to increase your natural flow. <br /><br />

Testers raved about this item -- and don't worry it has been sterlized!! ;)<br /><br />