Maeve di Poveglia:  Extreme Powers
Maeve di Poveglia:  Extreme Powers
Maeve di Poveglia:  Extreme Powers

Maeve di Poveglia: Extreme Powers

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This is a piece that is very mysterious and, at first, when we began working with it was a very sinister piece.  Since then we were able to infuse the piece with enough of a white essence to make it workable and to prevent any danger from coming to the person who hosts the piece, including ourselves.  <br /><br />


A lot of people do not know this but about four years ago, we took a trip to a place called Poveglia.  It is an Island that is between Venice and Lido Italy, somewhere in the Venetian Lagoon.  It is a place the merely attracts dark energy for some reason; and it has since a very long, long time ago.  <br /><br />


The island was first referenced in the year 421 AD, when the constituents of Padua and Este fled to the island as a means of escape from ensuing barbarians.  In the 9th Century the population of Poveglia became intense.  Barbarians still sought out the island of Poveglia, simply because they wanted the people the inhabited the items.  In most cases the Poveglians won these wars, however, there were numerous casualties on the island.  <br /><br />


The Poveglians luck ran out in 1379 when Venice was sacked by the Genoan fleet and the people of Poveglia were shipped out to Giudecca, a close-by town.  Following, the Venetian government built a structure called the "Octagon" on the island that is still visible to this day.  <br /><br />


For centuries following the removal of Poveglians from their home, the island remained uninhabited.  In 1527 and 1661 the island was offered to Camaldolese monks and the original Poveglian descendants, respectively; however, nobody wanted the land as both parties blatantly refused.  <br /><br />


Poveglia  was used as an isolation camp-- more like a dump-- for victims of the plague.  This practice dated back to Roman Times and when the plague spread through Europe, however the height of this island being used a confinement camp came in the 1700s after the Island was already converted into a port that convenient along trade routes or for ships carrying passengers to Venice.  <br /><br />


However, when two ships arrived with entire crew infected with the Black Death, the port was shut down and the island was reconverted into a plague detention center.  People were dumped there who were dead, and the height of plague activity on the island, people who were merely infected with Plague were dumped here to die.  Thousands of plague victims died on Proveglia.  <br /><br />


It doesn't end here, though.  In 1922 (obviously long after the plague), the buildings and the island were renovated and used as a mental hospital.   The doctor in charge would torture the patients, making them under go brain experimentations, possession experimentations, psychological warfare experimentation including telepathy, psychokinesis, telekinesis, mind control, dream control, remote viewing and a whole list of others.  He would also make his patients be his sex slaves, so that way he could practice a dark, dark form of sex magic that can only obtained via involuntary sexual deviation (WE WILL NEVER EVER OFFER THIS TYPE OF MAGIC, I'M MERELY STATING FACTS!!) .  <br /><br />


The doctor was eventually driven mad, by the ensuing dark energies and attempted to kill himself by leaping from a  bell tower.  The idiot forgot that he had already attained immortality via his black magic.  Instead, a heave mist set in about the island and he was drug to the slimy, darkest pits of Hell by Satan himself.  <br /><br />


The island was shut down to people.  None of the locals will even venture onto the island.  This means we had to venture out and find it ourself.  Well, we were able to find one local that was brave enough and desperate enough for money to assist us, but that was it.  <br /><br />


As we approached the island, we could feel the heavy, sticky, dark energy that surrounds the place like its own biosphere, melting through the atmosphere and enveloping us.  Jason had problems breathing and Deedee threw up over the side of the boat.  We ventured on though, because we knew that we wanted the full experience of island.  Some times we venture to places that we really shouldn't, but curiosity always gets the better of us.  Hence, the name of the company.  <br /><br />


When we got on the island, all of our psychic abilities began to go nuts.  We felt barbarians and ancient Italians and plague victims left to rot.  We saw shadow upon shadow lurking behind every tree of the lagoon.  All in all, over 160,000 (yes that's one hundred sixty THOUSAND) people have been murdered or left to die on the island; so you can imagine how crazy it was there.  Our psychic abilities all of a sudden became like trying to teach a third grader with ADD how to do long division.  <br /><br />


When all of us joined our abilities though, Jason, DeeDee, and I summoned the power of three, we were able to focus long enough to summon a specific entity.  He is an entity that has escaped the pits of Hell and has made Poveglia his home.  Apparently, he got a little bit homesick.  He is called Maeve, meaning dark warrior.  He is a creature that is known as a Drakul, which literally means the dead living.  It is a terminology used to describe what happens when a demon takes over a dead body, turning it into a full form sanguine vampire.  <br /><br />


Maeve inhabits all the powers of the island.  He was there since the inception of the establishment on Poveglia and has taken over the body of a hapless Poveglian victim, whom was murdered by Barbarians.  However, when Maeve inhabited the body, it became perfectly resurrected in physical/spiritual form.  <br /><br />


Maeve holds dark abilities from the pits of Hell.  He holds the witchcraft and sacred geometric secrets of the past lives of Poveglia.  He inhabits the body of an ancient mage that help the original Povelgians thrive as a people.  Moving on he also holds various powers that he encountered along the way from Poveglian Refugess, to others that were dumped on the island to be disposed of because of Black Death, and the misfortune of lost stragglers.  He embodies the dark powers of the mad scientist (minus the sexual deviation part, because we cast that part out!).  He still does exhibit a source of illicit sexual magic though, from the souls that willing partook in crazy sex magic on the island.  He also contains the crazy scientist's powers of the mind-- psychokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, remote mind control, remote viewing, pervasion and replacement of dreams and thoughts, and others.   <br /><br />


Maeve will allow you to leave your body to travel on the astral plane.  He will also allow you to enter the realm of the underworld via your mind, because that is where he is originally (and obviously) from.  This magic is amplified by Maeve with the power of 160,000 souls, which each have their own story.  <br /><br />


Maeve has agreed to be summoned into this piece. During the seance, flames arose from the ground and shot straight up into the sky.  We were doing a an attachment/summoning ceremony at the time and when the flames rescinded this piece has been completely purred.  This is because of the white power we were also channeling into it at the same time to keep make an his magic from ever taking over your body.  <br /><br />


This piece is momentous.  It is one of thee most powerful items that I have ever come across.  It exhibits all the powers as set forth above, but due to the nature that this piece is amplified with the power of 160,000 souls this piece is a continuous adventure with unlocked, brand-new, original powers each day.   You don't want to miss out this one, I guarantee it.  This piece is one of a kind, so once it's gone, it's gone.  Don't hesitate… GET IT NOW!!<br /><br />


The important part of this piece is not the ring that it is set it.  That came afterward.  It is the glass that is set into the ring.  When the piece was tranformed it was transformed into several magical glass globes, which we added into rings, bracelets, necklasses, etc.  We have the piece that is depicted here and 5 other ones.  You may not be receiving the exact item picture here, but you will be getting one is equally as powerful!!