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Gold Coins

Construction workers toiling away at a building in France discovered 497 gold pieces, worth nearly $1 million, while removing old plaster from a grape-drying facility. <br /><br />

The thought is that the coins were payment to a Prohibition-era vintner for wine shipped to the U.S. Here's the craziest bit: Grape pickers slept beneath the coins for the past several seasons, unaware that incredible treasure was hidden just above them.<br /><br />

Gold is at an all time high and it just keeps growing. Getting your hands on a legitimate gold coin is getting harder to do. Well we have gold coins available, and they are not only valuable for re-sale, but hold a depiction of wealth within them.<br /><br />

The pieces we were granted were spell cast by a Windsor Shrew who found a treasure cove filled with gold. She was delighted by the find, but knew that she could advance her majestic powers if she shared her wealth.<br /><br />

By placing a wealth spell upon the gold coins, she proclaimed a unity of progression for those who have one in their presence!<br /><br />

The rich get richer, or so it is stated -- and that seems to be true worldwide -- so you can be invoked with riches when you purchase one of these rare and valuable coins!<br /><br />


These are pure gold coins. They are for money expansion. Money brings money, thus being why the "rich get richer"... assets bring upon opportunity... these coins will grant you advancement in fulfilling growth in your wallet. They are only $1,500.00 a piece -- even for the gold itself a bargain, but for the enchanted spell that bestills them, you are making out well~!!