Revealing What's To Come
Revealing What's To Come

Revealing What's To Come

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Revealing What's To Come

Tony lived in the woods, out in the middle of nowhere. A couple of months ago there was a bad car accident that involved six of his friends. Two of which passed away. The accident site is on his way home and as he was passing the crosses on the side of the road, a few weeks back, he saw a black figure cross the road right in front of him and walk into the woods. <br /><br />

Tony sounded the horn and it didn't even acknowledge him. On the rest of the way home, Tony was thinking about what it could have been. An animal wouldn't just continue at one pace into the woods. It would probably start off in a run, and it probably would have looked in his direction when he laid on the horn!?<br /><br />

One of Tony's friends that passed in the accident was a pretty tall guy, and this figure was about his height; so Tony started getting really freaked out by what he had just seen.<br /><br />

What could he do with what he witnessed? He couldn't go back and look around because it was gone before he even passed all the way by. So he just continued home and the rest of the night was pretty quiet, so the encounter eventually slipped his mind.<br /><br />

Abour a week later, Tony was in his room one night and happened to be awake watching a late movie on HBO when he heard something that sounded like it was eating his puppies food, which is in the kitchen right outside of his bedroom, so he opened the door to check it out and found his cat was inside the house eating the dogs food. The weird thing about this is, his cat is an outside cat, and never comes inside. So he picked him up and put him back outside and checked all the doors and all of them were locked! So he had no idea how he got inside.<br /><br />

Tony called his boyfriend and told him what happened and what he thought it could have been, he thought that either his parents or himself opened a door and the cat slipped in without us noticing. This seemed probable so Tony just went with that. We continued just chatting when he told me that he found a key in the back pocket of his jeans. He explained what it looked like and said he thought it was a house key. His mother just moved into a new house down the road and we both just assumed that his mother gave him a key and he forgot about it. Nothing else happened that night and it was pretty peaceful.<br /><br />

Scott, Tony's boyfriend, came over the next morning and woke him up and everything was pretty normal. They said they got really hungry and decided to make a pizza and when Scott went into the freezer to get the pizza, Tony asked him if he brought the key with him, because they were going to ride over and check to make sure it was his mom's house key. Then Tony told him to check to see if the key worked on the back door to his house, just joking around. So Scott locked the doorknob and went outside. The next thing Tony knew Scott is coming through the door!<br /><br />

The key worked! Then Tony started to get a little suspicious, and joked around saying "well it was you that let my kitty in huh?" kidding around even though his mind was racing. Scott noticed that Tony was thinking and asked me to talk to him about it, so he admitted to his crazy accusation. Scott told him that he was just as surprised as Tony was that the key worked, and he promised that he didn't know how he got it; that he just found it in his back pocket. Tony and Scott had been together for two years, never in his wildest dreams would Tony suspect Scott to steal the key. Tony brushed it aside and they ate their pizza and watched some TV.<br /><br />

They were just hanging out and talking in Tony's room, they were the only ones home, and the bedroom door flew open. Nervous, Tony got up and went into the kitchen to get something to drink. That is when he noticed that the guest bedroom light was on, and his parent's bathroom light was on. Tony's home isn't all that big, and his bedroom opens up right into the kitchen and to the right is where the guest bedroom and the back door is, and to the left is the living room, his parent's room and the front door.

Tony's dad is an IT guy and likes to know what's going on at home when he's not here, therefore he has a camera pointing at the back door and every time it senses movement it records and sends a thirty second video to his email. He has a fancy iPad, so he always gets his email right away, and Tony said that if anything suspicious was going on out there he would have called and let him know, but, no phone call. <br /><br />

Tony told Scott, and he started freaking out thinking there was someone in the house. So they went and checked every room and nobody was to be found anywhere in the home. They even checked any hiding spot anyone could have been hiding, but found no one. Then they started tossing the idea around about the experience being paranormal. Scott has had many encounters himself, so it was easy to come to this conclusion. <br /><br />

As I said earlier, Tony brushed the idea of Scott stealing that key to the side, but after this set of oddities the feeling of anger and questioning him came back, all of the sudden. <br /><br />

Tony went crazy almost and started hitting things and yelling. He even told Scott that they were done and over and to never talk to him again! Scott said he's never seen Tony act like that before, it was like someone or something was making him believe that his boyfriend was a thief and was responsible for everything.<br /><br />

Tony didn't feel like himself, and he had never felt like that before. It was almost as if he had just blacked out, and went nuts. Tony had no explanation for his behavior. <br /><br />

Scott left and then called him later on once Tony had some time to calm down. Tony was still angry, but felt more like himself again. The feeling of anger and betrayal was still in Tony's mind, but as they talked Scott swore that he would never do that to him, and told me how much he loved me and that he would always be by my side, the feeling just went away, and less than an hour later, all was fine.<br /><br />

Ever since we completed our conversation about all of this, I feel as though I am never alone, that I am always being watched. <br /><br />

After Tony's parents got home that night he told them about all of his odd encounters. He at first thought they would think he was crazy, but then learned that his parents has similar showcases within, and around, the home. <br /><br />

This is when they decided to call out an investigative team to showcase what they were dealing with, this is how we got involved!<br /><br />

Haunted Curiosities offers many services to bring forth the knowledge to otherwise irrational things. We traveled to Minnesota where Tony lived to explore what could be causing the visions and odd happenings in the home?<br /><br />

There was a lot of strong forces and energies that emitted around his home. The scene of the car crash that took the lives of two of his friends was literally less than a mile from his home. Living in such a secluded area, Tony's house was the closest house to the point of the accident, thus bringing forth a port of connectivity. The victims wanted to embrace human life and reach out with their wishes. <br /><br />

Tony and his parents would witness things and showcase oddities, but never heard anything. Deedee was able to sense the spirits still surrounding the home, and then was able to pick up on audible recognition from the spirits. <br /><br />

Those who passed were in college together, Tony went to high school with them and although at a different local college, remained a good friendship with the guys. <br /><br />

The boys who died wanted the driver of the car to not feel bad, they had messages for their families and secrets to share that would allow Deedee to reveal their messages to their loved ones and be believed. Deedee followed through and regarded their messages, which brought their spirits finally to peace.<br /><br />

Many souls will enlighten a blessing, or gift, upon someone who helps them. A vision of a black metal box kept coming to Deedee's mind and when she told this to Tony he said that as a young child him along with a few friends, including Mitch (one of the boys who passed) buried a memory box.<br /><br />

Tony hadn't recalled this box in years, and Deedee asked him to lead her to it. They walked about a quarter mile back in the woods to an old clubhouse. The box was buried to the right side of the clubhouse under a marked cross made out of bonded sticks.<br /><br />

They dug up the box and it had a key lock on it, they were about to head back for cutters when Scott said to try the key he had found in his pocket. Tony said it won't work, it belongs to the back door of my house, but Scott insisted and guess what, it worked?! Inside the box were numerous old newspaper clippings, baseball cards and then several pieces of jewelry. <br /><br />

Each of the boys snuck a piece of their mother's jewelry collection that they never noticed her to wear as a safety net of money to keep their clubhouse in order; Tony totaly forgot about that!<br /><br />

Each piece was full of energy and Mitch instilled this piece with the glory of his spirit to thank Deedee for releasing him to pure peace.<br /><br />

The key never opened the door to Tony's house again, it must have only worked to showcase the aspect of a friend being welcomed into the home; so as to showcase no fear.<br /><br />

This item is extremely powerful and will bring you telepathic energies, psychic visions, and a connection with the afterlife. Mitch held the gift of a third eye awakening at a young age and flourished with many paranormal powers. One revelation he never wanted to know was the fate of his death -- as he felt when it was his time to go, it was his time to go --- otherwise he could have prevented his early dismissal from Earth.<br /><br />

You will love the mind blowing revelations that will come forth to you when you wear this piece. We all like to look ahead and wander what will occur for us in life, well now you can find out!<br /><br />

Our investigations bring us empowered pieces, and this one brought us this powerful item that will truly equip you with mastery occult knowledge that will surface to provoke blessings and answers to unknowns in your life! <br /><br />