Learning White Magic of the Seven Rays
Learning White Magic of the Seven Rays

Learning White Magic of the Seven Rays

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Learning White Magic of the Seven Rays<br /><br />

The ultimate purpose of White Magic is furtherance of the spiritual and material evolution of humanity. Specifically, this evolution is conceived in terms of the increased benevolent manifestation of seven spiritual energies or Seven Rays. It is further believed that adept practitioners of White Magic, wielding the power of the Seven Rays, can contribute to this evolution.<br /><br />

The seven rays antic, philosophical, or practical, uses the primary purpose of White Magic as the evolution of culture through the energy of love and wisdom.<br /><br />

White magic could only be performed by those pure of heart, mind, and body - anything else was by definition black, because tinged with selfishness.<br /><br />

Many people allow their minds to trick them from the truth. The implications of the happenings around them cloud their acknowledgement of reality and make their pure thoughts dark.<br /><br />

To get back into the righteousness and be able to be blessed with endearments one needs to be fully washed clear of all doubt, questions and lies that are obtained through the connection with others. <br /><br />

This piece will interlock with the elements in your brain to aspire a clarity that will allow you to be blessed with white light strength. Wear this piece for 3 days, without taking it off, to ensure a direct correlation between your personal energies and the energies in this piece.  <br /><br />

Then place it under your pillow while you sleep on the 4th night. Make sure that you get at least 6 hours of sleep -- as this will interject the facets of cleansing while you are in the R.E.M. stage of sleep. <br /><br />

Incredible item of divinity! Utilize the Seven Rays to remit the Seven Realms of Heaven~<br /><br />