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In 1991, Barb Lewis had a near-death experience. Lewis underwent surgery for a brain aneurysm, and the procedure required doctors to drain all the blood from her brain. <br /><br />

Lewis was kept literally brain-dead by the surgical team for a full 45 minutes. Despite being clinically dead, when Barb was resuscitated, she described some amazing things. She recounted experiences she had while dead -- like interacting with deceased relatives. Even more amazing is that she was able to describe aspects of the surgical procedure, down to the bone saw that was used to remove part of her skull.<br /><br />

What's remarkable about Lewis' experience is that it is the combination of an 'near death experience' and an out-of-body-experience.<br /><br />

The experiences are showcased on the edge of reality.<br /><br />

As many as 18 percent of people brought back from death after a heart attack said they'd had a NDE, while many religious adherents might not be surprised by these accounts, the idea that human consciousness and the body exist distinctly from each other flies in the face of science. <br /><br />

A brain-dead person should not be able to form new memories -- he shouldn't have any consciousness at all, really. So how can anything but a metaphysical explanation cover NDE's?<br /><br />

A study from the University of Kentucky has quickly gained ground among scientists as possibly the best explanation for NDE's. Researchers there theorize that the mysterious phenomenon is really an instance of the sleep disorder rapid eye movement (REM) intrusion. In this disorder, a person's mind can wake up before his body, and hallucinations and the feeling of being physically detached from his body can occur.<br /><br />

The Kentucky researchers believe that NDE's are actually REM intrusions triggered in the brain by traumatic events like cardiac arrest. If this is true, then this means the experiences of some people following near-death are confusion from suddenly and unexpectedly entering a dream-like state.<br /><br />

This theory helps explain what has always been a tantalizing aspect of the mystery of NDE's: how people can experience sights and sounds after confirmed brain death. The area where REM intrusion is triggered is found in the brain stem -- the region that controls the most basic functions of the body -- and it can operate virtually independent from the higher brain. So even after the higher regions of the brain are dead, the brain stem can conceivably continue to function, and REM intrusion could still occur.<br /><br />

Science depicts so many things that are rational, but when you have experienced this phenomenon, you know it is not a factor of brain stem correspondence!<br /><br />

Showcasing elements of deceased family members merging with you and recalling elements of a surgery are not going to factor into the stem while the other aspects of the brain are inoperable.<br /><br />

The follicles of a NDE are amazing and allow people to see beyond the grave. For many non-believers it is a sign of the glory that exists and they quickly follow the road of grace.<br /><br />

We have had many customers who have experienced instances like this who were filled with questions, and after learning about the scientific studies, we proclaimed to find knowledge from someone who understands dreams.<br /><br />

A visionary priest from Saudi Arabia worked with us to enrich this majestic item with the strengthening invocation to allow the body to fully rest and submerge your mind upon the Heavens.<br /><br />

You will be able to astrally move your soul from your body into the realms of beyond, allowing connection with those who have died and be able to better understand the many unknowns that occur after death.<br /><br />

This piece is implemented with a protection ritual that will not allow the body to be harmed and you will re-enter your body and live freely once you are done exploring. This is a unique item that will bestow a rare opportunity to contact, and connect with your deceased loved ones, angels and God. <br /><br />

Never have we been able to showcase such an enriched piece of pure glory and divination!<br /><br />

After placing this on you instantly will feel a surge within your body... you will feel peace and wonder; your spirit will send out an energy signal that will connect to your friends and family who have passed. Testers raved about this amazing chance to ascend upon those who no longer walk the Earth! This is a great way to connect with members of your ancestry and fill in the voids on your family tree; many secrets can be learned!<br /><br />

There is only one of these --- so do not miss out!<br /><br />