Dionysus's Collection -- Piece 5
Dionysus's Collection -- Piece 5

Dionysus's Collection -- Piece 5

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Dionysus's Collection -- Piece 5<br /><br />

The significance of wine, as a religious symbol, existed long before the days of Jesus. Wine was the beverage of choice for the ancient Greeks, and although they used fairly different ingredients than what we know today, the symbolic implications remain the same. <br /><br />

As an active substance that would enliven the body, wine was the typical “party drink” of the time. However, due to its intoxicating effects, it contained a darker appeal associated with strange mystical followings. Cults such as the Dionysian Mysteries, as well as the more observable religious festivals and community carnivals, were in honor of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine.<br /><br />

Dionysus was worshiped on many levels, and because of this he was known as a god of extremes: From the giver of sensual pleasures, to more chaotic, destructive passions. As a late arrival to the twelve Olympians, Dionysus was perhaps the most mysterious god in the entire Greek pantheon.
Many scholars suggest that Dionysus was a foreign god, developing as early as the Minoan dynasty. Regardless of his placement in history, he parallels some of the most familiar gods we still praise today. <br /><br />

His giving nature precluded a diary of secrets that were found by a Gypsy in Alvernia. This was used to impose powers and energies into items that will generate his ideals and passions through his substance and significance in history. <br /><br />

Since Dionysus was a fertility god, he eventually became associated with the dramatic structure of theatre. Comedies and Tragedies were put on in ancient Athens to commemorate his death, and rebirth. Tragedy is a Greek term, which literally meant “Song to do with goats,” and Dionysus was often depicted wearing the horns of a goat, or bull, looking rather effeminate when he was seen without them. During the ritual rites of these contests, animal sacrifices would take place, reflecting the death of this tragic hero, or god-man. The death of this figure raised the issue of despair, corresponding to the solemn aspects of the winter months.<br /><br />

Comedy, on the other hand, meant “Song to do with a group revel.” While tragedy only raised the issue of despair, comedy was designed to accept it. The purpose of Comedy then was not the lamenting of one specific life, but the celebration of all life, and the realization that life itself is eternal.<br /><br />

This entire process marked the triumph of spring over winter. As a result, when Dionysus returned in the springtime a new social integration emerged, out of which processional dances, feasts and sexual partying took place. This gathering was like a marriage of riches among society, which is symbolic of any wedding ceremony today, where rice is thrown to honor the fruitful acts of fertility. Even the word ceremony relates to Ceres, the Roman god of grain, and is where the word “cereal” derives from. <br /><br />

Dionysus was therefore symbolic of a true scapegoat, since he literally expelled the sin and suffering of the old year, and subsequently restored life in the new one. <br /><br />

His defined life, and powerful overture, is what made his memory be celebrated and revealed in remembrance.<br /><br />

The Gypsy infused this piece with a morphism impalement spell that will grant you a release of stress and anxiety when it is worn. Many of us go through the 'seasonal effect' that makes us feel depressed, down and lazy in the winter and then are revived in the spring. <br /><br />

This lack of desire to do much of anything eats away most of our life when the weather is not good. We lose hours of life when all we want to do is sleep and lay around.<br /><br />

You wander how some others always seem to be on the go and have energy to spare and you always have this reaction of remission each year, especially in times of bad weather.<br /><br />

This piece projects implored energies that will allow you to evade the loneliness and depressive states that hinder your life!<br /><br />