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THE "JOKE" THAT BROUGHT AWARENESS <br /><br />-- 3 pieces

On the shores of the eastern shore of Virginia is Cherrystone Camping Resort. Nestled between the Atlantic and Chesapeake, it is a family campground. We had heard stories of strange paranormal activities and went to investigate after hearing Brandon's story of several years of encounters.<br /><br />

Here is what he emailed to me:<br /><br />

I go there every year in June with my brother and grandmother. For the past 4 years so many memories have been made there, yet one stands out with such a strange aura. A few years ago, I think it was back in 2007 or 2008, I was in the back part of the campground next to a salt water pond, far from any RVs, tents, and cabins. Across the way I saw some black shape float above the water and then instantly vanish. I passed it off as smoke or something of that nature.<br /><br />

2 years ago in June 2010, while on our trip I heard footsteps coming from outside the RV and then a loud knocking at 3 AM in the morning. Now who in their right mind would do that? Not any human. I looked out the window and saw a figure dressed in what appeared to be late 19th century garments. I literally jumped back and flew right back into bed.<br /><br />

Later that week I was out crabbing, it was a brisk evening and I was casually sitting on the pier waiting for a crab to come buy and snatch the line. Suddenly I saw a hooded figure come out of the water 20 yards away and walk/float into the campground and then disappear. I immediately packed up my gear and ran to the RV. I told my grandmother and brother. My grandmother told me when she was making dinner earlier that it felt like something was menacing in the RV, watching her. We only had one more day, and it was normal, so we just thought we were imagining things.<br /><br />

Last year when we went down we experienced the most activity of all!<br /><br />

I was in the camp store, at the very back, alone getting ice cream for dessert for later in the evening. I was just about to pull the mint chocolate chip from the freezer when all of a sudden I saw a green mist float into the wall. I dropped the ice cream and ran to the front desk where I asked the lady if they had some sort of gas leak, and they didn't. I told her about the mist and she got a look on her face.<br /><br />

She told me that the campground staff had strange experiences concerning a black hooded figure, a reoccurring mist, and some other spirit. I couldn't believe it. I was shocked, so I told her about my experiences. Apparently other guests had similar experiences. With that information in mind I told my grandmother. She believed me and we kind of shrugged the whole thing off because we weren't going to waste our vacation searching for ghosts.<br /><br />

One night I went to the bathhouse in the center of the campground for a shower and when I entered it I felt like I was being watched, very closely. Then I heard a loud bang and a voice say get out. To the best of my knowledge there wasn't anybody else in the rest room at the time. I quickly left and went to another bathhouse... While we were enjoying our last day I saw a human looking spirit move across the marsh, I knew it wasn't a person because if you walk into the marsh surrounding the campground your feet will sink in all the way up to your waist. The spirit looked my way and we made eye contact, it then disappeared.<br /><br />

**Brandon was intrigued to learn more, but didn't know enough about the paranormal to feel comfortable exploring it on his own. <br /><br />

After I got his email I looked into the Campground and Deedee said we should go check it out!<br /><br />

It gave us an excuse to get away and use some of our new tracking devices~! <br /><br />

I am not really one to go camping, as I would rather go to a hotel and be pampered, but I was excited to see if we could pick up any energies.<br /><br />

The place wasn't very busy as we were there in an off month, so it was nice to be able to explore without many people questioning what we were doing. <br /><br />

To make a long story short, we were there for 5 days and each night was crazy and eventful... we were able to track 3 spirits and learned that they were all friends who had drowned in the lake.<br /><br />

They drowned due to a "practical joke" played on them by their "friends." This occurred back in the 50's. The spirits wanted people to know that they were technically murdered, and left to die... when the joke went wrong, the other kids left and didn't help them out of the boat after it tipped. They were tied in it and were left for dead.<br /><br />

Deedee was able to connect with them and we gathered a lot of information from the guys. They were all from an orphanage and were never missed; bank in the 50's they just assumed that the guys ran off and thought if they wanted to come back they would.<br /><br />

There bodies were left in the lake to disintegrate. Their lives ended up meaning knowing and they wanted to be found. <br /><br />

The spirits were Mark, Terrance and David. These boys had collected many energies over the years from the visitors of the park. They had made it their intent to be noted in death even though they weren't 'important' in life.<br /><br />

We took our findings to the management and got permission to dive and search the waters. Deedee was granted visions of where the remains were and we were able to retrieve a few bones from each body, it had been so many years that they were brittle and very deteriorated from the water. <br /><br />

Since we had names, we were able to close the mystery as to what happened to these boys by turning over the bones and names to authorities. They didn't run away -- they were left for dead from the other boys in the orphanage when they all escaped to cause trouble.<br /><br />

The FBI did a further investigation and did retrieve more remains.<br /><br />

For allowing their lives to be recalled to light the boys spirits could now be utilized for other uses rather than trying to shine light on their deaths.<br /><br />

They allowed us to infuse them into these pieces. There years of roaming the camp ground taught them many mystical strengths, and spirits can collect them easily. You will receive one of the pieces that holds either, Mark, Terry, or Dave. <br /><br />

With your item you will be infused with an internal GPS that will help you track and solve mysteries that have hindered your life. You also will gain empowerment from the waters to calm your soul, and the ability to keep secrets without guilt.<br /><br />

Your spirited piece will bond with you to help make things practical and understandable. No more doubt will cloud your mind about anything in life, as  you will have someone looking out for you as payment for Deedee looking out for them!<br /><br />