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~ An experience shared by Stacia Ondrusek<br /><br />

When I was 4, my family moved into a new house and I began having extremely vivid "nightmares." At night I would go to bed and sleep, but then I'd wake up in the middle of the night and see a man just standing over me. Most of the time I would watch him (I was usually too frightened to go to sleep) until he'd walk out of my room and close the door behind himself.<br /><br />

Though one night after he'd gone away, I got out of bed and went and woke my dad, and I was telling him there was a robber in the house (what else was I supposed to think? I've been to church AT MOST 7 times in my life.) He'd tell me it was just a nightmare and sent me back to bed. I kept having these nightmares so my dad would spray "magic monster killer" to keep the monsters and nightmares away (when I was 7 I learned it was just water and "big girls" couldn't be scared of monsters.) But the dark still terrified me deep inside.<br /><br />

A few nights before the event that I'll tell you about next, something dragged across my legs (under my bed covers,) and I could only compare it to a time in the mountains that a snake slithered across my feet (which scared the crap out of me, so you can imagine how it felt when I got that feeling while lying down in bed.)<br /><br />

Three friends and I were having having a sleep over at my house, and around 1 - 2 AM we wanted to try using a Ouija board for fun. We didn't have a legit board and we didn't want our parents to know so we used my white board (since its easy to erase.)<br /><br />

At first we just got random answers so we said good-bye, but then we tried again and asked if someone was there; it said "YES." We asked if it was a girl and it said "NO," and then we asked if he could tell us his name and he said "Don't know" (we put that on the board.) We asked a few other questions and got unrelated (to the question) answers such as: "GOSPEL," "JOUSTING," and one question (Why are you here?) was answered with "HELL." This was pretty scary (for obvious reasons), and so we said good-bye. We tried once more that night, I asked if it was by chance the same spirit as last time, and it replied "YES." Now, one of my friends asked if it was demon as a joke (I think it was a joke at least,) but it said "YES." we probably should've stopped there, but we kept going. We asked if it wanted to hurt us ("NO",) and we asked if it was Asmodeus (after searching some of the answers he gave us and our results came up with "Asmodeus".) It said "YES."<br /><br />

A few strange things happened to me after that, such as: getting butt-groped by someone who wasn't there, getting poked really hard on the shoulder (as if to say "hey, don't ignore me" or "lol, poke."), and weight shifting on my bed when I was trying to sleep (like someone was lying down beside me.)<br /><br />

5 days later I invited another friend over and we also did Ouija board around the same time of night (I told her about what happened and she wanted to.) We first talked to a random guy, but we said good-bye and started again. We asked the name of who we were speaking with, and it said (ASMODEUS.) This was troubling to say the least so I asked why he was here and he said "SARA." Now, I already knew this was the girl he had had feelings for, but my friend didn't know anything about Asmodeus (nor did I, until the first time I used Ouija) so I googled it for her. We then looked at images (of Sara,) and that shut us both up (I - with blonde hair and blue eyes - look VERY similar to Sara in most of the paintings that we saw.) We said good-bye and I was almost in tears I was so scared.<br /><br />

Since then I've tried to stay away from anything that could be considered "demonic," but weirder things have been happening and when I have nightmares they are absolutely horrid.<br /><br />

Some examples of the weird things that have been happening to me lately (mostly put in order of which they occurred):<br /><br />

- I feel like someone is watching me when I'm in my room<br /><br />

- He (I guess it's him) still lays in my bed<br /><br />

- He still pokes my shoulder<br /><br />

- Sometimes it feels like someone's (Asmodeus I'm guessing) hand is brushing my cheek<br /><br />

- I was crying during a movie and he rubbed my back (I thought it was my dad at first, but he wasn't near me)<br /><br />

- I felt someone kiss me right above my left eye while I was trying to sleep<br /><br />

- One night all I could remember from a dream I had, was someone whispering "Sara"<br /><br />

- I slept in really late one day and a man's voice asked me if I was okay when I woke up, so I told my brother "thanks for worrying, but I'm fine," but then he told me he didn't say anything (and I realized it didn't sound like my brother)<br /><br />

- I tried to close my bedroom door but something pushes it open/out of my grip (I thought it was my dog hitting my door while running into my room at first)<br /><br />

- Once I woke in the middle of the night, and I was "spooning" with a guy who was likely who ever has been haunting me, and I told him out loud "No funny business" and went back to sleep<br /><br />

- I had another dream where I walked down a hall and found a room with a man with long black hair sitting and looking at the wall which had an enlarged picture of Sarah hanging on it. He tells me to go away, I fall through the floor (more like its no longer there) into a room with paper walls. While in the room with paper walls, silhouettes watch me and Asmodeus (man with long black hair) tells me everything that makes me imperfect and how I want to be perfect.<br /><br />

These visits went on for over 15 years.<br /><br />

Staica thought Asmodeus was supposed to be more-or-less like an incubus due to the fact that he is the demon of lust and he likes to mark the hearts of virgins. She wandered why, if this was Asmodeus, he wasn't pursuing anything more than a simple grope of the ass?!<br /><br />

She actually enjoyed having him around, as she felt safe and had someone to cuddle with at night. Stacia had written all of her experiences down in a diary and this is how she had such recollection of her encounters. About a year ago she met a boy at college and they started dating. Her occurrences with the spirit became more and more empowered with jealous rages.<br /><br />

The implementations made her search for more info. about Asmodeus and the occult, and she came across information about our investigative techniques and paranormal knowledge. She contacted us and we went to visit her at her home.  <br /><br />

After performing a full investigation at her home we found that this piece that she was given when her grandma died (at the age of 4) was the connection to how Asmodeus came into her life.<br /><br />

She was very attached to the piece, but after knowing that she could eventually be harmed if she got into a serious relationship, she passed the piece on to us. <br /><br />

Researchers have pointed out that Asmodeus has many characteristics -- some that even sound beneficial. On the one hand he is jealous, filled with rage, lustful and given to extreme excesses. On the other, he loves to have a good time, is sympathetic and is very religious. Early church history points him out as the one that desired to possess young women in Christian service, to make them lustful and to destroy them and their work.<br /><br />

In another early writing Asmodeus is the one who killed the husbands of a young woman named Sara. The first time she was to be married her husband died on their wedding night. Seven times in all she got married and in each case her husband died on their wedding night. The reason was that Asmodeus wanted this woman all to himself.<br /><br />

There are instances that I know about where an individual has married several times, only to have the mate die shortly after they have married, or, in one case, even before the wedding could take place. Is it possible that the underlying problem in these cases was the spirit of Asmodeus at work?<br /><br />

Asmodeus is generally regarded as the spirit that drove Solomon to all of his excesses. We know that Solomon's end was definitely not the will of God.<br /><br />

After years of faithful service to the Lord, in his last years he missed the mark, allowing himself to open up to wrong spirits. That example alone should prove that none of us are above falling or missing it, even after years of Christian service or ministry. The Scripture tells us that the “devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour”. It is necessary for us to be on guard at all times against the devil's tactics. Asmodeus is not confined to possessing just women or just men. He will take on anyone who opens the door.<br /><br />

**We have taken this piece, full of evading darkness and proceeded an empirical spell upon it, which has now made it a very powerful protection piece that will keep you, and everyone in your home, safe. You will not have to worry about unwanted negative spirits entering your home and coming forth to harm you.<br /><br />

Stacia was lucky that Asmodeus admired her appearance, since is was similar to Sara...otherwise she most likely would have been killed.<br /><br />

When you take a dark item and empirically make it light -- it is extra powerful ~!!<br /><br />