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This was an experience that happened a while back, but it still shocks me to this day. I was over at my friend's house, and we began watching the Discovery Channel.<br /><br />

A man was using a unique technique to talk to the dead. He turned all the lights off and lit one candle and sat in the dark recording on a voice recorder.
So my friend and I, being obsessed with ghosts, decided to just do it for fun and scare each other. So we sat in the darkness and we were making jokes and what not. Then things began to get boring; nothing seemed to be happening, so I got up and turned on the lights.<br /><br />

She had a desk that was near her TV that had a doll sitting on it. Behind us was her bed and we were sitting on the floor. When I turned the lights back on everything looked normal, the doll was in it's place and nothing was touched. Her brother then came is and asked what we were up to? We told him what we tried and he wanted to do it, even though we had no good results; so we decided to do it again only with her brother.<br /><br />

He sat down and we turned the lights back off. Nothing was happening so I said, "Your house isn't haunted!" She was laughing and so was he, then I turned the lights back on and nobody was laughing again.<br /><br />

We all sat there in complete shock, because the doll had been moved from the desk to behind us on the bed. We all three stood up and just exchanged glances. We didn't really know what to think about it. What moved the doll? We were all three holding hands in the circle we were sitting in so it couldn't have been one of us! If someone were to have walked in the light from the hallway would have shined on it. <br /><br />

This doll was spirit inhabited... and now that we called upon it the doll has been active almost daily in Vanessa's house. <br /><br />

They get up each day to find her in a different room and strange things have occurred. The house has been cleaned up after being a disaster zone the night before, broken things have been fixed, they would find receipts for bills that had been paid (but not with their money?!) -- the doll has been incredible!<br /><br />

Vanessa just got married and her husband is freaked out by the paranormal, he doesn't want to believe in it and told her she had to get rid of the doll.<br /><br />

Her husband's ignorance is your chance of a lifetime! You will be excited by the endeavors that will blossom and occur when you bring Gabrielle into your life and home~!!<br /><br />