The Summoning Part 4, Powers of Aciebel

The Summoning Part 4, Powers of Aciebel

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The Summoning, Part 4 <br /><br />

This could go on forever, but I'll make it brief.  Last night after the Radio Show Deedee was interested in attempting to conjure a spirit that she had seen earlier in the day.  For those of you who joined us on the Radio Show, you know that she was accidentally telling everyone about a spirit she had seen earlier in the day.  The spirit was riding around in a car with a man that Deedee didn't know from a can of paint.  The spirit then looked over at her and made some type of gesture. <br /><br />

Being the amazing guy that I am, I agreed to stay late and help her with the conjuring seance.  Well, needless to say, we never did make contact with the spirit lady.  It was probably just some poltergeist spirit attached to the guy and messing with Deedee because she knew Deedee could see her.  Spirits know when there are psychic mediums around!!  However, we were successful in visiting a seperate realm where we were able to pull out six powerful spirits.<br /><br />

These spirits are called the Servants of Man and will grant you the powers that they hold.  We managed to invoke each of these six spirits into six separate items. Each one holds a power that is unique to its identity and you have six to choose from.  Here is the fourth:<br /><br />

ACIEBEL<br /><br />

Aciebel is the ruler of all things under and above the sea.  He will manifest secrets of sunken treasures to you, so that way it may guide your path to wealth.  He will do this visions, so this piece also will enlighten your mind to become a spiritual visionary.  <br /><br />

Additionally, he will give you dominion over the element of water and all above and below water.   This means not only will you control the water element, but you will be given powers to control weather as well. <br /><br />

To summon the power of Aciebel, you must use this piece in a seance performed within a spirit circle.  There are statutes governing the amount of times you need to invoke his name.  However, let it be known that more you summon Aciebel's name, the deeper your connection will be and the swifter your magical errands will be carried out.<br /><br />

This piece is Sterling Silver, which is an energetic vessel that will bring you maximum results.<br /><br />