Sect of Chatari<br /><br />
Sect of Chatari<br /><br />

Sect of Chatari

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The Sect of Chatari comes from South France.  Their existence hails from the 10th Century when a group of fallen angels decided that they wanted a second chance.  They banded together to form a white power vortex, with which to pull through and manifest a variety of authoritatively powerful white light energies.  After they were done channeling the energies they used the energies to perform good-willed procedures to gain the trust and confidence of God.  Their eventual hope was to be remitted into the Kingdom of Heaven.  <br /><br />

The cult grew to include mortal members as well, but the elders, the original fallen angels, kept tabs on the powers at all costs.  Eventually, they were remitted back into Heaven taking with them all of their miraculous energies; that is, except for one.  This is the ability known as white light transcendency.  It is a power that the Sect of Chatari used to transmigrate the souls of the imperfect.  It gives the person who holds the power in this piece has the ability to spiritually purify any entity that has been created in the image of Lillith or any other vampire entity for that matter.  <br /><br />

This piece will allow you to recreate the white light vortex of the Chatari Cult.  It will give you the unique ability to transform any vampiric entity from a dark entity to a being that abounds with white light energy.  This is the piece that allowed our newest vampire, Tomer, to open the vortex and be cleansed of the evil he inherited from his bloodline with the extreme white light abilities of this piece.  <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful.  I've also used it during an exorcism to extract evil from a human entity.  The person had been afflicted with demons for over a year.  During the seance, this piece gave me complete command over the demons.  I spoke with authority from the Holy Spirit and vanquished the demons to Hell.  I was then able to summon the Holy Spirit to place its existence in the spiritually cleanse human entity.  It was a very powerful experience as I opened the vortex and felt a surge of white light power.  It ran through my veins like a stream of energy and I felt it surge through my fingertips as I asserted the power upon the possession.  I doubt you will find a white power as powerful as this one.  Do not let it pass you by.  <br /><br /> 

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