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The more potential a given event has to change the future, the more difficult that event would be to change. If you wanted to go back and speak to somebody on a street corner so that they were five minutes late to an appointment-that might not be too hard. But if you wanted to stop the assassination of a president, that would be really difficult. The past would try to protect itself.<br /><br />

Every time you go back and change something, you create an alternate timeline. There are these guardians who stand watch over all the time portals, because they understand that whenever you go back, you damage the time-space continuum.<br /><br />

The further back you go, the more precautions you have to take. It would go right to the language-you'd have to be careful about the way you speak; the accents would be different. If you were to return to, say, 1850, you'd really have to prepare ahead of time, or you would not be consistent with the times and be looked upon as a potential threat.<br /><br />

Many people just want to embark on the past and do as they please -- but there are reactions for every action. Now if you are creative in your disposition you can elevate your present from the past in traveling to certain times to make small change that will benefit you now and in the future!<br /><br />

This piece will grant you the powers to revert your mind to acknowledge how an event in the past has effected your current standing today, in your life. <br /><br />

The hazy memories of the past that seemed to not be important at the time, actually showcase many integrative aspects that bring you hesitation in progressing currently. <br /><br />

This item brings the reverted experiences of the past forward to infuse you with progressive knowledge that will encompass you as a leader and will allow you to advance financially and emotionally in life.<br /><br />

Being able to reflect on past regressive moments, and memories, will assist you in being accountable for your actions and will make you assertive in planning for the future.<br /><br />

Changing one thing, changes another and if you need positive change you can utilize this empowered emblem that will fortify the elements of your mind to grant you mystical fulfillment of enlightenment.<br /><br />

This piece holds prophetic feats of Solomon and will commit its power to you and bring diabolical changes to your life. Do not miss out on this extremely powerful piece!<br /><br />