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Giordano Bruno presented versions of Lullian circular figures in a full-blown Hermetic context. Bruno's brilliant achievement in finding a way of combining the classical art of memory with Lullism thus rested on an extreme 'occultising' of both the classical art and of Lullism. He put the images of the classical art on the Lullian combinatory wheels, but the images were magic images and the wheels were conjuring wheels. <br /><br />

The figures he created could bring him into contact with higher forces. Such a system which encompassed all areas of knowledge and restored to humanity its once-perfect memory thus conferred power upon its user. Perhaps somewhere here lies the space for the application of what was called 'memory wheels' on the one hand and 'conjuring wheels' on the other to the purpose of the prognostication. <br /><br />

By the 15th century, then, the circle had become a powerful image replete with a range of meaning. The revival of the figure of Lady Fortuna and her wheel underscored the circle's significance as a symbol of cyclical change and a reminder of humanity's defenselessness in the face of fortune. <br /><br />

The translation of Arabic pseudo-scientific and divinatory texts used the circle as an instrument in predicting the future. The writings presented creation as the sum of infinite combinations of the elements expressed visually by a notational system of letters placed upon revolving concentric circles. Lull's system inspired later alchemists and magicians to see magical potential in Lull's arrangements of shapes, letters and colors. <br /><br />

The device in God appears to have an interesting affinity with Arabic divination devices and, more recently, Lullian circular diagrams indebted to Kabbalistic letter mysticism put to a quasi-magical use.   <br /><br />

The Illuminatus circular showcases goodness, greatness, eternity, power, wisdom, will, virtue, truth, and glory. <br /><br />

The circular figure derived from Bruno's vision has been developed for years in context to embracing the format of gaining clarity to higher powers.<br /><br />

The historical jeopardizations that concurred in the past were often left behind when contexts of new traditions flourished. This piece invokes the years of purified contact with the studies of reaching the higher realms of Heaven. <br /><br />

You will be divinely instilled with powers of the integrative sanctions of the showcased powers of the goodness, greatness, eternity, power, wisdom, will, virtue, truth, and glory that will rapture upon you from the relics of Glory when you wear this invoked piece.<br /><br />