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ORIGIN OF POWERS<br /><br />

The name Powers (or Power) is of French origin, and refers to "the poor." It refers to someone who was poor or who had taken a vow of poverty. The most prominent members of the Power family came into England and Ireland from France. Power(s) is the most common surname in County Waterford, Ireland according to the Irish History Foundation <br /><br />

One of William the Conqueror's officers in the battle of Hastings (1066) bore that name (and appears on the roll of survivors at Battle Abbey). The name le Poer is recorded frequently in English history after 1066. One Richard Poer is recorded as the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1187. <br /><br />

Though not Gaelic in origin, Powers may be regarded as one hundred percent Irish. It is derived from the old French word "povre" (Latin pauper, poor).  <br /><br />

While many members of our Powers family say they've "always been told" we were English, it is possible our roots could come from England by way of Wales or Ireland. The name appears frequently in both countries. There is a significant Power family in County Waterford, Ireland (in the old Parish of Ring). <br /><br />

This group of Powers' is explained in Amos Powers' 1884 book ("Powers Family: Genealogical and Historical Record," Fergus Printing, Chicago). He says King Henry's 1171 invasion of Ireland included one Roger le Poer, an "English Knight," who performed "distinguished services." For these services, he was granted large tracts of land in County Waterford. He had many descendants and many of the local Celts took the name of the estates to which they were attached. As a result, the name Power or Powers is widespread in County Waterford. Many of the Power families that came to America were these poor Irish men and women, not the English lords. <br /><br />

These componal immigrants contributed the aspects of their origin to showcase the aspect of true 'power' in their disposition and ranking among the associates of the land. <br /><br />

They wanted their last names to inspire and contribute to the growth of America. <br /><br />

This piece belonged to Henry Powers, who came from a working class immigrant family who migrated to America. He was given the blessing of being in the United States and flourished a small business into a multi-billion dollar empire. His kin were set up for success and this piece started as a solemn tree, and as he gained success he added a gem for each grand accomplishment, this was passed on to his daughter after his death and she utilized the piece as a family tree of wealth and prosperity -- she resides in Michigan and has no next of kin to grant the piece too. <br /><br />

Mildred, his daughter, wrote a book that showcased the success of her family from their endeavor across the seas to the wealth of diplomacy that grew from their business. She commented about this pin and the allure and power it symbolized in her family business.<br /><br />

I read this book while doing a college paper and always that it was neat that they symbolized their family tree on an actual tree pin. After working with Deedee for a few years I realized that the pin had to hold more then just sentimental showmanship -- it must hold amazing energies of their hard work and admiration.<br /><br />

I told Deedee about the family, but couldn't locate the book -- after much research we came across Mildred and she was now in a nursing home. We arranged to visit her and I told her about my fascination with her story and how awesome I thought the symbolism was of her family heritage -- and then we told her about the business we are in.<br /><br />

She was not very familar with jeopardations of the occult and aspects of the paranormal, but she did tell us that the piece always seemed to be energetic and a talisman of luck!<br /><br />

We asked if she still had the piece, and she went to her side table, next to her bed, and pulled it out. She was impresed that I took the time to follow my interest and come visit her. Mildred couldn't have children and had no close family left that she could attribute the piece too -- so she asked if we would sell it to help someone in need!<br /><br />

This piece will instill the facets of luck, wealth and blessings of success upon the person who has it in their presence. The roots of the Powers family will bring em'power'ment upon you~!<br /><br />