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A sexual device that will bring you complete satisfaction is what you will find with this piece!<br /><br />

This whistle is empowered with energies of Lucille, a woman who was known for her impulsive sex drive. She was ready at all times and knew the best tricks to make her partners quiver with delight.<br /><br />

Simply wear this piece for 6 days to allow the energies of Lucille to connect with the highs and lows that will correlate from your body. In the 6 day period make sure to climax at least once, either by yourself or with a partner.<br /><br />

On the 7th day blow into the whistle in the morning and this will call Lucille forward and she will seek motions of sexuality in your brain all day. In the evening when you have free time make sure to take care of business... again either pleasure yourself, or get someone to help you out! Lucille will erraticize your body and make you have the ULTIMATE PLEASURES of mind blowing proportion.<br /><br />

Lucille will invoke her tricks and pivotal points of pleasure upon both men and women -- she was a woman who liked to play and learned A LOT! <br /><br />

You will absolutely love this piece -- she will forever be ready after the bonding each time you 'blow' her whistle!<br /><br />