Waves of Insight

Waves of Insight

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Waves of Insight~

Electricity is good when it gives light, moves a streetcar, cures a pain, and relieves a disease, but it is evil when it crushes a man under the shock of its tremendous currents.

As electricity, it is neither good nor evil, but their expressions may be called good or evil according to the results they produce. The forces of nature are running in the universe with tremendous activity and mad rush, like the currents of a mighty river which brings what we call good and blessings on one shore and evil and destruction on the other. As standing on one shore, where good prevails, we say the river is very good, it is the producer of good, etc., so, standing on the other shore, we call the same river a producer of evil, or a creator of destruction.

We say the forces of nature are good or evil according to our standard, ideas and interests. On the one hand, the river fertilizes the country by depositing rich soil and helps the growth of vegetation and, on the other hand, the same river destroys villages and all that stands in its way.

There is such a fine line between where good ends and evil begins. We all have personal thoughts and vantage points on what is good and what is evil.

The depiction of what goes on each day around us is credited to how we live our lives.

A shrew from Montana holds a unique spell that empowers us to see the vast views of the world and those we encounter to help us unite our Occult endeavors without bringing unwanted attention our way.

Whether you are a practier of white light, dark magic or dual --- the power of the spell that the shrew evoked into this piece will assist you in gaining strength and knowledge in your proclaimed area.

The outlook of seeing things from all angles and perceptions is the key to unlock the mysteries of why certain things will not work the way you want them too!

This is a very good piece if you have no luck with the paranormal or are maybe so grounded you can't feel or see. With this piece you will be able to practice what you wish and see it happening or at least feel it. But know that many times when we are trying to cast or use a thought form it DOES happen but when used on someone we may not always be there to see it. This piece will allow you to cast any type of magic your into as well as empower yourself with an electrical ability which is great for magics of the mind like telepathy,and movement. In addition it is open and will absorb spirit energy,earth energy and even orb energy. This is one fantastic piece! We only have one.

This is in sterling silver and if you really want to see some results then get it because I have been using it to improve on the abilities I already have and one that I really wanted was granted.