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This piece is a blast from the past.  We have kept it in our personal collection for some time now and we feel like now is the time that we need to pass it on to someone else so that they, too, can experience the power and the joy that this piece will bring.  The world is a great big mystery.  The reality that we know and live is such a small part of total existence that if you gathered up all the beaches  and all the sand on Earth, our existence would equal a grain of sand at best.  This is why the natives called their pantheon of gods the Wakan Tonka.  This has been linguistically perverted to mean the Great Spirit, when in actuality in means the Great Mystery.  The Natives knew nothing of the Gods other than the fact that they would bring them great spiritual gifts, help them during times of need, and that they taught them the magic that they knew.  Although the specific terminology comes from a group of Sioux Indians, the name Wakan Tonka is one that is generally revered through the Native American Peoples.  At very least, it made it's way to Florida.  They, more than anyone, are aware that there is a divine force of highly enlightened individuals that make the world-- and our very existence-- go around.

This piece is one that we came across when we were in Cassadaga a few years back.  We found it while doing an investigation in the middle of a dried up lake bed.  The lake bed was dried up, siting a curse that was put on the lake many years back, by the Natives, using the magic that was given to them by the Wakan Tonka.  Who these gods really represent isn't specifically known.  Maybe they are gods like the angels we envision.  Perhaps they were ancient extra-terrestrials that visited the Natives long ago.  Perhaps specific gods are meant to embody specific powers of an unidentified force at the center of existence.  Whichever they are, the curse that was placed at the center of the dried up lake bed created a gravitational vortex, much like a black hole but on a spiritual level.  This vortex is one of many vortices that exist across the world as spiritual re-entry points.  It is a great place of power and it happens to be where I found this item.

Now, I'm not sure exactly how old this item is.  This is not to say that the power isn't ancient.  Cassadaga is a witching town, so let us not forget that powers can be transferred from vessel to vessel, which is most likely what happened in this case.  The powers of the vortex were instilled on the land by the gods of the Natives as the result of a curse.  These vortex powers were placed inside a vessel by someone, who eventually placed it into this piece that we are offering.  I found the piece buried in the dirt and knew in a moment there was something extraordinary about it.  This is when we took it back to the hotel room we were staying in and figured out that it contains the full powers of the spiritual vortex.

This piece gives you a white light awakening, because it summons the gods of the ancients to bestow their powers upon you, the same way they have bestowed their powers upon them.  It is a power that has existed at the core of the universe.  It has been taken from the Cosmic Sun, which is what existence revolves around, similar to the way that our world revolves around the sun at the center of our galaxy.  With these powers you receive the basic energy that is necessary to create your own form of magic.  This is a dual power and can go any way you want it to go.  It will allow you to create your own powers such as psychic awakening and telekinesis, to levitation and bi-location.  It will also allow you to create your own spells, charms, incantation, hexes, and curses.  It is very much like a Voodoo piece, except it doesn't thrive off of the Voodoo Pantheon.  It come directly from the Cosmic Sun, so what you create will be create from scratch.  Like a cake that doesn't come from a box, this piece will allow you to make any kind of power that you want, without biases.  For instance, you can use it to make white light powers, voodoo powers, or spiritual rebirth powers.  On the other hand, if there is a power that like from the ancient orient, it will allow you to make that power to.  It is the beginning of all powers, so therefore, it allows you intermix all powers of the world and the universe to create all those powers that deem necessary for you won existence.  There are no constraints or restrictions on what you can do with this piece.  Remember it is a dual power piece, so it is neutral to light and dark powers.  How you use it and what you will create with it is entirely up you.  

This ring is Sterling Silver and holds a trio of a very powerful type of stone!  You will not regret adding this piece to your collection!