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I know that this is an area that we have covered a lot of times.  As long as there are skeptics out there, we will do our part in shedding light and truth in a world saturated by darkness.  Besides, if we have pieces coming in, we're not going to stop offering them to our buyers just because we've covered the topic before. For those of you who were lucky enough to hear the radio coverage of our astral travels to the Denver Airport underground base know that this stuff is serious business.  This is exactly where the piece we are offering comes from.  The power from this piece has been given to it by the blue horse that marks all NWO strongholds.  It is the horse that is the center of the whole operation.  It is from this power and prophecy giving creature that they receive most of their powers, however not this time.  This time their power comes from an otherworldly source, one that has been in existence far longer than our own. 

Let me tie some loose ends, real quick.  For those of you who aren't aware, the Denver International Airport is an underground base for the NWO.  When Deedee and I traveled there before, it was the headquarters, but I'm not sure anymore.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.  Either way, it is one of their higher level strongholds.  In it there are bunkers that accommodated for extraterrestrials visitors.  There are over 200,000 of these visitors in Denver and over 100,000 in New York or LA, themselves.  These aliens are Draconian beings, with years of experience, as they are extremely ancient beings.  The NWO have allied themselves with the Draconians, in an effort to use their power to takeover the world.  It's just one of their many ploys at global command.  Mind control powers are not what I'm offering here, it's something else entirely. 

Now that you know there is an alien population on Earth, you are probably wondering how they got here.  They have these pieces that contain star energy and Draconian sorcery.  Together these two forms of magic allow you to teleport yourself to anywhere in existence you would like to go, albeit, astrally.  Well for the Draconians and their DNA form, it allows them to physically teleport themselves to anywhere they want to go.  This is how they ended up on Earth.  This technology has been given to humans by the Draconian, but lies in the hands of the NWO.  You all know how greedy and power drive these people are, which is why they keep the powers in the technology hoarded for themselves. It's no worry though, because we have connections at all levels and we have been able to successfully score several of these items.  Well, actually they are items that the power from the original Draconian items have been placed into. They are equally as powerful though, so again... no worries.  Whatever it is, you can guarantee that HC has you covered! 

When you purchase one of these items, you are guaranteed a piece that is so powerful, it will allow you to push your soul from your body.  You will be able to travel through the depths of existence, but not just existence as we see it or know it.  You will be able to travel through all forms, realms, plains, sectors, areas, and realities of life.  I know that seemed like alot of words, but I just want to make sure that you understand how very powerful this item is.  It also contains what is called a peace shield.  Basically, this is just a white light protection shield that will guard you against any dark or negative powers, spirits, lifeforms, etc. that you may encounter on your travels.  There is literally no telling what kind of powers and abilities you will uncover with this piece; but it's a great big universe and with this piece, there are no limits!! Enjoy!