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On a clear day, you could travel to the southern tip of the United Kingdom.  If you gaze out into the Celtic Sea, to the Southwest, you will notice the Scilly Islands.  This is only on a fair day though.  Any other day, you might have to take a boat.  The point is that the modern day islands are clearly broken apart from the mainland; but this wasn't always the case.  Even though it has been hotly debated whether or not the Scilly islands are the merely the tip of what once used to be a lavish Kingdom, we have proof that it actually did exist at one point in time. 

The name of the Kingdom is Lyonnesse.  You can read about it in just about any Arthurian legend book, as well as other writings of the times.  It was a kingdom that was fully of rich fertile land, all kinds of treasure, and, of course, rich people.  It was a place that was frequented by King Arthur and this is how we are able to provide you with the great magic that has been placed into these pieces.  In Lyonnesse existed an ancient depository in the side of a mountain high above the town.  It is the place where Arthur would lay jewels and riches after winning a battle.  Unfortunately, these riches were sunken along with the entire land called Lyonnesse in prehistoric times. 

Recently, after contacting a wizard who was alive during the Arthurian times and is still around after obtaining immortality from the sorcerer's stone, we were able to confirm the existence of this once magical land.  I mean, it's still magical, it just happens exist in a realm part from our own after sinking form the face of the Earth.  He was able to give us directions on how to travel to this realm.  When we got there we searched for the legendary Arthurian treasure.  The inhabitants of the island have evolved into super intelligent beings, sort of like the Atlanteans.  They now live as a pure albino, subterranean race, illuminated only by the Center Earth Sun.  Surprisingly not many of them knew about the fabled treasure, but when we found one that did, we were pointed in the right direction.  The reason why they aren't all after the treasure is because they don't really thrive on wealth anymore, even though they are all wealthy.  They live for magic and sorcery alone.  In such an abundant land, there is no need for wealth anyhow.  

The pieces that we are offering are those that have been made with the jewels that were recovered from King Arthur's secret vault.  They have been ground up into a powder and used in the making of these items that have been fashioned to look like normal, everyday wears.  Don't be fooled by the appearance, though, because the power in these pieces is quite evident the moment you put them on.  It holds all the wealth power of King Arthur and the well-to-dos of Lyonnesse.  Where do you think they gathered all of the wealth from?  Why do you think their land was so fertile?  These powers were lent to them by wealth powers that were found on the land called Lyonnesse.  They are the same wealth powers that have been accrued by the pieces that were set inside the mountain vault by King Arther.  Now these powers are yours for the taking.  They live inside of these pieces and will bring you extreme wealth in all forms, from across all areas of life!