Christ's Chamber, Cavern of Secrets Charging Box

Christ's Chamber, Cavern of Secrets Charging Box

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The chamber from which the powers in these pieces have been collected is predominantly know as the Roystone Cave.  The cave is an artificial cave in Hertfordshire, England.  It was discovered in 1742 by a working who was digging holes to build a new bench at a market.  When he was digging, he came across a millstone, so he dug around it he would be able to move it.  Upon moving the rock, he discovered a shaft that leads to the cave that has been collectively referred to as the Royston Cave. 

The identity of whom developed the cave has, thus far, remained a mystery, although there has been much speculation.  When the cave was found it was hoped that if would be filled with some sort of treasure, but it was not.  Well, at least not at first glance.  Instead, it was half filled with dirt and gravel.   Naturally, these things were cleared out of the way.  To many people's dismay, there was no treasure.  Instead, sculptures and wall carvings were found.  The carvings including depictions of Saint Catherine, the holy family, the Crucifixion of Christ, Saint Lawrence holding the gridiron upon which he was martyred, and Saint Michael holding a sword.  The sculptures that were found turned out be roughly 800 years old.  The cave even boast holes where candles or lamps could be placed to illuminate the carvings the carvings that were found in the walls of the cave.         

Again, there has been much speculation, the most popular of theories being that cave was a place of worship for the Knights Templar before they were supposedly disbanded in the 1300s.  The other theories have been proven to be untrue, and the fact that this was an actually Knights Templar meeting place has stood the test of time, for the most part.  We sent a team on investigators to scope the place out.  Without giving you the drawn out details of their investigation, I can tell you that we made major headway into the true purpose of the cave for the Knights Templar.  It was not just a meeting place for the Templars, but rather it was an initiation chamber. 

The whole goal of the Knights Templar, secretly, was to become like Christ.  This is why they protected the church.  It's also why they are some of the few who remain to know the true locations of hotly contested items such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.  There are more hidden artifacts such as these, but these are the two that come to mind of the top of my head.  With that being said, not just anybody could become a Knights Templar.  They had to go through a secret initiation ritual.  I'm not saying that this was the only chamber for these rituals, but it was the most commonly used one and the most powerful at that.  At the beginning of the ritual the person who was to become a Knight Templar was placed into the chamber, where the religious carvings were drawn.  The sculptures represented angels and saints who would come to the Knight during his stay and share with him the sacred knowledge of God. 

The Knight was kept in the underground chamber for a total of three days without food, water, or sunlight.  He would live by the candlelight that would become the Holy Flame of God.   He was saturated in this light and through the mouths of the sculptures, he would be told ancient secrets of the knowledge of God.  He would be given all the powers associated with being a Knight Templar, upon which he'd be given all the knowledge of the relics that I told you about before-- the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy of Holies, etc.  On the third day, he would be resurrected as a new man, in the fashion of Christ, baptized by the Holy Fire of God and ready to protect the Church and its secrets at all costs.  

This sacred charging box was left by our investigative teams in the cavern for three days, similar to the way the knights were left down there.  It received an ascnension that the knights would have originally received after being down in the chamber for three days.  The charging box now embodies the power of having been resurrected with these powers.  This means that when you set something into this power, it will also act as the Chamber of Christ.  When you leave an item in this box for three days, you can resurrect it on the third day!  It will also embody all the powers that I have described above that are associated with the divine and extreme white light powers of God!  The number of pieces that you can make with this charging box are unlimited, but you always have to make sure you are doing the three day process or your pieces WILL NOT work!!  Light lasts forever, that is how we were able to allow this charging box to never run out of energy!  Enjoy this item, as you will be able to share the love!