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Legends seem to only bear bits of information of what actually is the truth.  This is why when we hear about such things, we always like to make sure we have thoroughly investigate before we confirm or deny any of these things.  In New Jersey, for many years, there have been stories of a degenerate race of humans that live as rogue citizens.  They have removed themselves from society to exist as their own society, not unlike something that you would see in an M. Night Shyamalan movie about a village in the middle of the woods that has never heard of modern civilization.

The tales date as far back as the Revolutionary War and New Jerseyans say that the race of individuals who have rescinded their presence to the Ramapo Mountains are a barbaric group of social outcasts.  Legend holds that these people have genetically mutated due to the fact that inbreeding is part of their norm.  They are supposed to be a group of mongrel hybrids consisted of Native Americans, escaped slaves, Hessian Mercenary deserters, and West Indian prostitutes.  Collectively, they have become known as the Jackson Whites. 

The most puzzling question about the mysterious Jackson White clan is not who they are, but what caused them to recede into the wilderness to exist apart from the world.  Most people, using only legend as their source of knowledge and fact, assume that it is because their race have become so ugly that they can't manage to be part of the mainstream society.  Of course, hand in hand with the fact that they have become ugly and brutish is the fact that they have become pretty stupid over the years, as well.  This means, according to legend, that they have become more or less like a real-life "hills have eyes" bunch of folks.  However, we weren't thoroughly convinced that this was the truth at all.  There has never been a realistic or factually encounter with this group of people, let alone any photographs or anything of the such of the sort.  How could so many people be so convinced that these impish people live together in middle of the wilderness, without ever seeing them first hand? 

We probed an investigation into the group, which really wasn't a big deal for us, considering we are always in New Jersey anyhow.  It's our neighboring state, and in my opinion the only one really worth visiting, besides maybe Maryland.  We found our way in the Ramapo Mountains quite easily, but finding the race of individuals proved to be quite a bit trickier.  It took a few nights of camping out and tremendous patience but on the eve of the fourth night we finally caught a glimmer of hope as we saw a light moving far away in the distance.  Naturally, we got out of the car to follow.  What would we look like trying to be incognito in a car.  We scurried our way through the woods like deer until we finally were a few hundred feet away from where the light stood, being held by a cloaked figure with a dark hood.  There were three of them that time.  We followed them to the apex of a mountain and back down the other side to the summit of the next.  And there at the base of the mountain were three human sized trenches.  They looked almost natural, but after what we witnessed they had to have been man made-- or should I say Jackson White made?  We watched in astonishment as the three of them were absorbed by the Earth, cloaks and all.  The disappeared right before our eyes! 

We didn't make our discovery that night, but rather set of into the sticky summer night the following night, with nothing but ourselves and some flashlights.  We used the flashlights sparingly, as we didn't want to chase off any prospective beings that we might make encounter with.  We didn't see any and it took us a while to find the exact spot from the previous night, but eventually we made our way to the summit of the mountain with the trenches.  We lied down in the trenches and tried to prepare ourselves for what was about to happen.  Then, as if nothing had happened we found ourselves on the inside.  It didn't feel any differently and we weren't sucked through any black holes.  We were just on the other side. 

On the inside we found a city carved into the inside of the mountain that we were just at the bottom of.  Thousands of little orbs of light littered the sky, which lit up the civilization on the inside.  It kind of reminded me of the Pueblo villages, but far more advanced and the beings that were in there weren't genetically mutated at all.  Rather, they were more or less like you and I, except with elongated faces and bulbous heads, which I'm assuming had to expand to accommodate all of the knowledge that these people-- the real Jackson Whites-- maintained.  There were all different shades of beings here.  Some white, some dark, some in between.  They lived in harmony, along one central life energy.  This energy is one that was discovered by the Ramapo natives years ago, before the arrival of Europeans in America and long before the genocide of all the Native Americans.  The city predates any other architectural foundation in American.  We were told so by the leader of the city, who was there when it was being built thousands of years ago.  Yes, these folks have developed a system of immortality that has been given to them form a mystic rive the runs through the center of the mountain.  It exists along a lay line of the world, which exists along a lay line of universal life and energy. This is how the Jackson Whites have been able to maintain their magic, without having to rely on the outside world for a thing.  They have developed a system of farming and agriculture, which they do through a network of caves and underground dwellings in the mountains in North Jersey.  It's quite an astonishing feat.  However, the are mostly sustained by the life force power that is given to the via the mystic rive, as the life force energies from the center of reality is bled through the ley lines of existence through the hierarchy of ley lines.  It is given to them and it revives their own leylines that exist in every human body.  This race was once human, but have merely adapted to maintain their knowledge and power. 

Their powers only begin with mastering immortality.  They also have a network of white light sorcery that they use which pretty much allows them to create and materialize anything that they want.  This is the magic that they used when developing their city and their overall civilization.  This energy allows for the creation of any type of magic that is needed.  It has been collected by the Jackson White and put into a series of sacred relics that they have now given us a few of.  This energy will allow the materialization of anything that you can speak into existence.  We have used it to speak a few djinn into existence, an white light guardian for protection, an ability that allowed us to remotely view an inverted pyramid in the ice plains of Canada, and a locked realm that we had to create to vanquish a demon.  These piece inhabit some serious energy and moreover serious power.  It is no wonder why the Jackson Whites never make their presence known-- they don't want to have to deal with the insolence and degenerative mentality of the humans.  Isn't that contrary to legend and quite ironic?? 

When you wear one of these pieces, you will assume the identity of one of the Jackson Whites.  You won't change physically, but you receive a metaphysical transformation, as your intelligence and spirituality maturity is advanced.  You will then be able to use the powers that the Jackson Whites were given via the mystic rive that flows along the ley lines of Earth.  Just like the Jackson White and us, you will be able to use this power to create-- to create whatever it is you want whether that be an entity or an object, or a power, or a realm.  This is the embodiment of the creationary power that is cached at the center of the universe.  Simply allow your mind to travel and the power will work with you and for you!