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Here's the thing, the government is always looking for ways to control the mind of people.  How do you you think they got so many people to vote for Barack Obama?  Besides the fact that he is Black, the democratic party has been working on mind control techniques for years.  Before I met Deedee, I almost lost my own brain to mind control tactics.  I was one of what she called the "young dumbs."  When I met her, she had a piece that flushed me of the evil toxins that had been perverted into my brain.  It's not just the Dems that are doing this, however.  Unfortunately, it is all sectors of government, because as much as they put on a front about hating each other and not being able to work together in public, the higher up government officials secretly work together to maintain their power at all costs.  I'm not saying they are part of the NWO or the Illuminati, although some of them are, they just work together to pass laws to control every aspect of an Americans life.  Why do you think George Bush passed the Patriot Act?  Why do you think candidates such as John Boehner and Chris Christie are so wishy-washy?  John McCain was once called the closest thing to a democratic president the Republican party will ever see.  It's just all a big mind control game to make American people think that they have see, when the only battle that continues to rage on is the government versus the people.  It's quite sad when you think about it, because the government was originally designated as the governing body that was supposed to protect the people.  Nowadays, all they care about is taxing them to death so that way they enjoy extravagant lifestyles at the hands of hardworking American constituents. 

Either way, the piece that I'm offering comes from a government agency project called "CAN DO".  It's origins stem from an agency that was once set up to help parents get help for their troubled teens.  CAN stands for Cult Awareness Network.  When the daughter of Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated, he thought setting up this agency might be helpful.  You see his daughter was offed by a bunch of members of Jim Jones' People's Temple.  They had been brainwashed by Jones to believe some nonsense.  When Patricia Ryan traveled to Guyana, she was abducted and sacrificed.  Leo, being the proactive citizen that he has always been known to be, set up the CAN so parents would have a place to turn when they thought their children might be involved in some type of brainwashing cult.  You know, that way they don't end up in Texas somewhere, eating poisoned baloney sandwiches.  Either way, the agency began experimenting with things that they probably shouldn't have been experimenting with.  They eventually developed a tool that they called "deprogramming," which was a harmless technology, at first.  It was an energy that was used to reverse the brainwashing effect that cults had on people.   It worked out just great, until one of the people in charge of the project decided to go after the Scientology Church. 

The Scientologists then decided that they wanted to take the CAN people out.  They funded the lawsuit of a man who claimed he was wrongfully abducted on co-op mission plotted by his parents in conjunction with the CAN.  Eventually, the young man was awarded a settlement of $1,000,0000, effectively bankrupting the CAN.  Guess which heroes were there to pick the agency up and keep it running and strong?  That's right, the Church of Scientology.  What stellar people!  For the longest time, when you called the hot line the voice on the other line was an esteemed Scientologist who would listen to all your worries and then explain to you why you and your family, and your neighborhood, and everyone you've ever known should become a scientologist.  They used the brainwashing effects that had been developed by CAN thus far to win over scores of Americans to their church. 

More recently, the CAN hotline has been taken over by the government.  It was sometime before the election of Barack Obama.  I think the beta testing that the government rolled out on a large scale was the time that George Bush beat John Kerry for his second term in office.  I'm not entirely sure, but I'm not sure that it really matters.  The fact is that the government has taken over the CAN agency, which they bought from the Church of Scientology for millions of dollars.  If you know anything about the Church, they are all about their dollars, so of course they handed it over willingly.  The government has rapidly expanded the project, learning how to afflict American citizens with the energy that has been called "deprogramming."  It is a process whereby the mind of the target is deleted and you can reformat and program the way a person thinks, feels, believes, etc.  It has been used ever since then for mind control en masse, such as at political rallies, and other types of larger scale events.  To use the energy, you have to be in a decent proximity of the target, which is why the government has been reprogramming the minds of young Americans one stupid Obama rally or Mike Brown protest at a time. 

Here's the point.  We have one of the pieces that the government has made.  With this piece, you can take over, control, and reprogram the mind of whomever you want.  The only stipulation is what you must be within viewing distance of the person whom you are trying to direct the energy towards.  When you are, and you are wearing the piece, you will need to focus all your energy into the person that you are trying to control.   You will feel yourself begin to enter their mind, where you will be able to insert your own thoughts and feelings in place of the ones that existed previously.  This energy becomes especially useful when you want to gain love, remotely control another person's body, have that rich bee hole who flaunts his money all over town hand you a few stacks, or force that person you've hated since childhood to walk off a cliff.  I'm just kidding, we don't condone that in anyway shape or form, killing is wrong.  However, you could have them walk around naked, that would be pretty fun.  My point is there are so many possibilities that open up with the prospect of being in full control of another's mind, which is what this piece will give you the ability to do!  My first encounter with the piece was when Deedee used the piece when we were at a diner and she made me smack this really cute waiters butt.  I couldn't believe what had happened.  I didn't even want to do it then next thing you know, SWAT!  She said that there was no way I would've been able to do it on my own, so she helped me!  It was a good way to introduce this piece to me; but seriously, it's VERY powerful!  You don't want to miss out!!