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Hundreds of years ago, there was a small group of people from Polynesia.  Nobody really seems to know why, but they pretty much got up one day and they were like "Screw this, we're leaving."  Again, their reason for exodus remains to be a mystery. It has been tried several times to find out the reason, but all have failed.  Anyhow, this group of Polynesians got in their little wooden outrigger canoes and began paddling across the ocean blue.  They didn't have Garmins back then and the closest thing they had to a compass was the evening stars and the days ocean swells.  They eventually made their way to a little island oasis that they called Rapa Nui, which has today become know as Easter Island.  Their little haven was roughly 2300 miles west of South America and 1100 miles from the nearest island. 

Instantly cozying up to their new surroundings, the settlers began carving faces into rocks to honor their ancestors, and called the Moai. They saw this as an act of good faith and luck, so they kept building them.  Even so, nobody really knows what the point of all these heads are for other than they venerated the ancestors of the aforementioned Polynesian travelers.  The secret to their exact meaning and strategic placement has yet to be figured out. 

This is just the tip of iceberg, too!  The second part of Easter Island, or what I would like to call the "second secret of the Moai" is hidden in a grouping of glyphs that has been accepted by most as the alphabet of the the Easter Island.  The only catch is the nobody seems to know what these glyphs mean.  They were banned by Christian conquerors after discovering that the alphabet had ties to the ancient Polynesian pagan practices.  Thus, the meaning of the glyphs have gone unknown for hundreds of years, due to the fact that they were outlawed and not preserved.  The name for this set of glyphs is RongoRongo, and while the existence of the glyph system is no secret, the meaning of what the glyphs stand for exactly is shrouded in mystery, as if giant heads dotting the island were enough of one. Of course, you know that we always come into contact with the most unusual items.  

I'm calling these items the Second Secrets of the Moai.   With one of these items you will be given a mental and spiritual awakening, that way when you view the RongoRongo you will be able to see past it's elaborate facade and into the depths and meaning of each glyph.  These glyphs will give you a series of magic that will open up your ears to the life that flows deep within the Moai.  Each Moai, I have learned through testing these pieces, is situated on the ley line grid of the world.  Thus, energy and life flows into them just like it flows into the pyramids and the Sphinx.  Thus, the statues are alive in their own way and have been since their creation.  The only question is, why the statues?  Well that is simple and you'll understand completely when you get your item! 

When using this piece, it allows you to implement the awakening that it has given you.  You will be able to see into the secret meanings of the glyphs of the RongoRongo and when this has been accomplished, you will have a vast knowledge.  This knowledge will allow you to hear the voice of the of Moai.  They will whisper to you when you are using your piece, and will tell you all the magic and powers of the ancients.  This will range anywhere from wealth powers to alchemy powers to sorcery powers to transformation powers to love powers.  There is definitely a plethora of powers to be had when listening to the whispers of these ancient entities who speak the energy and power of the universe.  You will not be disappointed, as every day is a new magical awakening with one of these items!