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Sometimes there are things that just aren't for everyone to know.  I mean, they are written in secret for a reason.  They are kept secret for a reason.  And try as they might, those people who so desperately want to know the secret never will.  Those who respect the fact that such a powerful secret exists may be the ones who end up with the answers in the long one.  It is written in so many different forms that patience is a virtue.  Good things come to those who wait.  This could be more true when it comes to the Voynich Manuscript.  While we have highlighted the writing in other pieces that we offer, this piece is the one that takes the cake.  It is the cream of the crop, so to speak. 

For those of you who are beginners and have no idea what I'm talking about, allow me to explain. The Voynich Manuscript is just that-- a manuscript.  It is named after a Polish book dealer who once purchased and owned the manuscript in 1912.  It has changed hands over the years, currently coming to rest in a library at Yale University.  It is called the Voynich Manuscript probably for not other reason than nobody knows exactly what to call it, because it is completely unidentifiable.  It is written in a language that nobody seems to know anything about.  Even WWI and WWII codebreakers were called in to do the job, but nobody can seem to translate as much as word of this writing.  Those who claim they have are mostly likely lying-- with the possibility of a few items that have been magically made using the manuscript that are still in circulation til this day.

Okay, so what is known about the manuscript?  Well, speculation provides that the manuscript's origins are North Italy, but there's nothing set in stone.  The material of the book is vellum and the carbon dating on that vellum leads historians to know that the book is from the early 15th Century.  The pictures from the part of the script-- which is all but a handful of pages-- are decorated with botanics, lending the belief that the Voynic Mansuscript is some type of alchemist book or spell casting book.  To an extent that is true, but there is so much more to the information that is given.  I guess you really have to appreciate magic to fully understand.  And what about the lost pages, what are they all about? 

It's funny that we should talk about the lost pages of the Voynic Manuscript.  The reason is because I happen to know exactly where the lost pages of the Voynich Manuscript are located.  They have been preserved and are in better shape than the rest of the Manuscript-- mostly because of the powerful magic that was placed into by the person who own the missing pages.  He's a wizard that is centuries old and actually lived through the Medieval times that this manuscript calls home.  However, as powerful as he is, he told me when he gave me this item that has never seen an item like it before in his experience of hundreds of years as a wizard and sorcerer. 

The item that he gave me draws power from the missing pages of the Voynich Manuscript.  It is the magic from the alchemist who wrote the book in the first place.  You couldn't tell my merely looking at it, what the  powers are.  However, with one of these magic cypher pieces, you won't ever have to worry about not being able to read and comprehend the pages of the Voynich manuscript ever again.  This is because this piece taps its powers from the set of missing pages that the wizard has. 

This item embraces picto-sorcery, which involves any photo, painting, drawing etc.  It should come as no surprise, because the whole Renaissance period was about the flourishing in art and intelligence.  Have you ever looked at a picture or read a book a thought that you really wish you could be there to physically experience the goings on?  I'm just going to assume that you answered yes. Then this piece is the perfect choice for you.  This piece contains the magic that will allow you to travel into any work of art, book, poem, etc.  For instance, I always wanted to visit the days of the Last Supper, so when testing this piece, I decided I was going to travel a little bit.  I used it to travel to the last days that Jesus spent on Earth in which I was able to to actually take a part in the Last Supper.  I was able to visit a lair of vampires to obtain sanguine powers.  I used this piece to travel to space, using a picture of Jupiter's moons.  I really works that simple.  All you have to do when you have this item, is simply look at a picture and then meditate on the image that you just saw.  Soon, you will find yourself slipping away from reality, after which, you will wake up in an entire universe.  I forgot to also tell you that I used this piece to swim with mermaids, where I was given several different wealth items.  The possibilities are endless, for as long as you have something to look at or a book to read, you have somewhere to travel-- fact or fiction, this piece will work!