10,000 AGES, 10,000 SOULS

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1/3/22 personal piece, in drawer.

This is another piece that Deedee brought back with her from her trip to Russia.  We haven't really touted the powers of this piece yet, because we weren't sure exactly how powerful it actually was.  After several testing sessions, we are fully aware that this piece is probably one of the most powerful that have ever been brought back from an investigation period.  The entity that inhabits the item is one of the most powerful entities in modern and prehistoric history.  You've never heard of this entity before in your life, most likely; and if you have then it is safe to say that you are probably in one of the underground circles.  There is basically no other way you would have possibly had access to this entity or the powers of this entity, considering the presence of this entity has been channeled into a piece during the rule of Genghis Khan.  It has not been release from its vessel since these times.  Yes, the entity has changed vessels over time.  The power of this entity alone is enough to cause the vessel in which it is in to begin to wear out over the years.  This is the fourth vessel that this power has seen and it is fairly new considering the age of the power and the entity within. 

During his rule, which basically expanded all of Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe, Genghis Khan was a fairly tolerant person.  Yeah, I guess they used to raid villages and kill people but what do you expect during the Age of War.  I mean, it was common practice-- kill or be killed.  For those who sided with Genghis, though, their absorption into his empire was speedy and harmless.  It really came down to how your empire did business with his, but once you part of his empire, he was pretty likable man.  He was even a very religiously tolerant man, with upwards of four to five official religions of the Mongol Empire.  He himself was a Shamanist, though.  A Shamanist is someone who puts themselves into states of trance.  This is done to alter the state of consciousness so that way he could communicate with the spirit world in realms apart from our own.  This also allowed him to channel transcendental energies, which are those energies that come to us from the center of existence.  It is where all life forms have evolved from and the place to which all life forms will eventually return.  Spirits of the ancients exist here, as well as spirits that have yet to be born.  It is from this place that the energy is sent forth that allow for the creation what we call magic, sorcery, alchemy, spells, etc.  It is this energy, with the help of spirits from the other side that Shamans attempted to master.  I'd have to say that Genghis Khan did pretty well for himself. 

The entity that is in this piece is definitely one of a kind.  It came to Genghis Khan one night while he was meditating, attempting to contact the elders from the other side for advice on what his next military move should be.  It was this night that he left his body and flew on the back of a Griffin to the top of the spiritual totem.  Here, he was given a spiritual advisor who he called Tumen.  In ancient Mongolian language, Tumen means 10,000 and Khan called this entity as such because the entity has seen 10,000 ages and knows the powers of 10,000 souls.  Khan kept Tumen as his own personal advisor, channeling his presence into an item that he used when summon TumenTumen counseled Genghis Khan and taught him the way of many different magics, powers, and abilities.  He led Khan's life down the roads of extreme success, as his empire eventually encompassed largest contiguous empire in the history the world.  I'd say that this is something to be relatively proud of, but Khan owes his success not to his doing.  Rather, he owes it to Tumen, who is the one that guided him the whole way through.  He was with Genghis before he became the great Khan, and he was there after, as well.  It wasn't until one time that Khan refused to listen to Tumen that he suffered demise.  It was when he was getting ready to mount an attack on the Japanese Dynasty.  Tumen told him the time was not right, but Genghis, only being human, became inpatient and greedy.  He mounted his attack and his army was destroyed by a typhoon.  This began the demise of the Mongol Empire, but not altogether.  There is still a Mongol Empire today, called Mongolia; and over 11 million people in the world can trace their roots back the Great Khan or one of his sons.  He was single-handedly the best ruler that has ever graced the face of the earth. 

When Deedee visited Russia, she was taken into a secret laboratory, where there were many items of power.  This was after she gained the powers that exist in the Endless Pit, where you can hear the sounds of Hell.  She was taken here by a guy named Anatoly.  She found out later that he is actually an immortal-- a vampire of sorts, but luckily one that doesn't require the blood of mortals.  She came back with this item and I'm not sure the price she paid or the trade arrangement that won her this piece.  I know she didn't pay money for it, so I'm assuming it was a trade of deeper values, and this just goes to show how valuable and powerful this piece is.  You know her though, and she does what she must in order to bring her customers the top of the line.  This piece is definitely top of the line.  In this piece still exists the presence that is known as Tumen, the one who has seen 10,000 ages and knows the power of 10,000 souls.  With this piece, Tumen will make himself known to you.  He may appear a spiritual form, or he may just speak to you through voices, images, and thought forms.  However, when you wear this piece you will be able to ask Tumen any question and he will have an undoubted answer for you.  For instance, you could ask, "Tumen, I would like to know what I have to do to gain unlimited wealth?"  Or, "Tumen, I would like to know the secrets of time travel?"  Or, "Tumen, I would like to know what I have to do in order to become famous, or gain the power white light, or gain the power of dual magic, or gain the power of gold alchemy, or allow myself (or why wife) to become pregnant, or receive spiritual cleansing and awakening?  Tumen has seen it all and he knows all the answers to every question you are going to answer him.  He's like a Magic 8 on steroids, only in real time and when he speaks the answers to you, you will know that he is the real deal.  Remember, his answer may come directly, or in the form of a dream, or day dream.  You just really have to be aware when using this piece, but I know from first-hand experience when Tumen wants to make himself clear, he will make himself clear.  I received a vision at work while using this piece and I had no doubt in mind that it was Tumen speaking to me.  The powers in this piece and its abilities and what it has the authority to grant are astonishing.  I assure you, you do not want to miss out on your chance to own this item!