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The Inuit people, more commonly referred to as Eskimos, are the ones that live in extremely cold temperatures in the Northern hemisphere.  Most of them are in Canada and Alaska, however some of them reside also in Greenland and Siberia.  They are extremely tough individuals who could pretty much endure any type of cold that God chose to give them.  Personally, I have always looked at them with quite a bit of respect, because they do what they have to do to survive in the climate they've been handed.  The most resourceful invention they've managed to come with to day, or maybe it's just my favorite, is the igloo.  Growing up I was intrigued by igloos and the fact that something that is built out snow could be so warm.  I've always wanted to stay in one!  Deedee, being Deedee, had to make sure that I was able to camp out in an igloo if that's what I wanted to do.  She's just that kind of person for the people she cares about. 

Thus, we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness.  She chose Alaska on the basis that it would be a more authentic experience with more snow and colder temperatures.  Let's just say, the visit was very authentic.  The first night we were there, we stayed in a hotel; however the next day it was off and at it.  The bitter cold air whisping at my face, Deedee assured me that this had to be a legitimate part of the journey.  Thus, we kept on until we met a small band of Inuits.  I can't honestly tell you where we were, because I have not a single clue.  I don't think she really knew, but the Inuits whom we met had no problem navigating and when nightfall came, they even helped us build a very cozy igloo.  I can tell you this much-- those things get pretty warm.  I'm not exactly sure how they make those things not melt, but the fact that they don't is incredible. 

After they helped us build our igloo, the cooked some elk meat over a fire and we had a small meal.  After the meal they lit a fire and informed us that they were expecting the arrival of the Northern Lights.  To them it would be special, because they would be able to have a direct connection to the Lunar God, whom they call AlignakAlignak is a lunar deity of weather, water, tides, eclipses, and earthquakes.  He holds the stellar alchemy and controls the ability to influence the way the moon reacts with the Earth.  Thus, the Inuits exalt him to bring them fair wealth and favorable conditions.  However, he also has another power and it is this power that the magic in this piece draws from. 

When Alignak isn't controlling weather patterns or giving out moon magic, he is in charge of the returns of souls of the dead to Earth.  He does this so that way they can be reborn into their reincarnated form.  During the showing of the Northern Lights, a portal is created.  Through this portal the Inuits can call upon Alignak, for his cyclic powers of rebirth.  They mostly want to rebirth the souls of their ancestors into new bodies, this way they can remain together always.  We were lucky to witness this, even though is was excessively cold.  We were even luckier the next day when one of the Inuit leaders approached us and told us that he'd like us to have an item.  The item, he said, was enchanted by Alignak

After our experience, we did get a chance to test the piece.  As the Inuit leader told us, this piece holds the direct powers of Alignak; however the way it's done is just a tad bit different.  With this piece you will able to pull any soul from the realm of souls that you choose to pull.  They will not appear to you in physical form and they will not actually be recycled into new bodies.  However, they will appear to you in full spiritual form.  You will be able to communicate with them as if they were actually there in physical form.  You can use this piece to summon, literally, any soul that you want to summon-- Elizabeth Bathory, Vlad the Impaler, David from the Bible, your deceased uncle... whomever.  You can use this piece for the purpose of communication, or if you want you can pull a soul to gain their all of their powers.  And since you use this piece to summon and spiritual presence, you can literally pull up any soul and gain the powers they also have.  In this sense, you could really gain any power that you wanted.  You just have to do your research that way you know who to summon!  This piece is awesome! Don't miss out! 

To activate the piece, just place a slight drop of blood in the locket area of the items.  This blood will activate the piece into full swing mode through the power of blood alchemy.  Then, Alginak will come to you and bring you the soul who you are requesting! 

In the ancient land of Atlantis there were many pyramids.  I've seen them using a piece that allowed me to travel there.  However, there was one main pyramid at the center of their civilization, which was called the Great White.  It was a conglomeration of all three types of pyramids, which each held a different type of crystal capstone.  Each color represents a different segment of the powers of Great White that were called the Crystal Trifecta and they all exist in the capstone of the Crystal Trifecta.  This capstone has sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and it is the reason why the Bermuda Triangle exists.  If you really stop to think about it, the face of a pyramid is a triangle, so it makes perfect sense.  Either way, this capstone will never be looked upon by human eyes, because it exists in an array of ultra-violet colors not able to be seen by the human eye without some type of powerful intervention and awakening.  This is what this piece will provide to you, as well as a spiritual awakening that will allow you to travel to the insides of the capstone, where you will experience all of the powers that lie within, the same way I did while using the item that I had journeyed with.  

First is the Blue Crystal Capstone of Knowledge.  This is a sacred crystal and it's powers once governed the land known as Atlantis.  The powers were held in the vast network of blue crystal-capped pyramids that once existed in Atlantis.  There is no denying the existence of Atlantis, as it is undoubtedly the the missing link between Pangaea and the rest of the world.  It was sunk in great demise, along with it's super intelligent, highly magical people.  The pyramids of Atlantis combined all the power and magic of the Atlantic world. Being that they were a very advanced race of individuals, they were constantly researching and finding out new methods of magic.  They pyramids of Atlantis served as a hub-- a network if you will-- of information, knowledge,  powers, and magic.  These pyramids were decorated with blue crystal capstones, where all the knowledge was kept atop of these living breathing pyramids that grew to accommodate all of the knowledge that they received at an exponential rate.  At the Great demise all the capstones from across the kingdom of Atlantis were conglomerated into one giant hub of knowledge, known as the Blue Crystal of Knowledge.  It has descended to the bottom of Earth, in line with an intergalactic chakra system.  This is where the knowledge has existence ever since.  This is one third of Trifecta of power that this piece brings to you.

Second part of the Pyramid Trifecta that this piece unlocks is called the Emerald Crystal Capstone of Time.  This the part of the pyramid that deals with space and time travel.  We all know that the Atlantean Race was far more advanced than others.  They are the ones that brought the concept of the pyramid do Earth.  Then you ask me, well I thought it was angels?  Well in theory, the angels are the same beings that people of today might see as aliens.  If they are not identical races, then at very least they are similar.  They hold alot of the same qualities and if you do side by side comparisons, except for when the alien started cloaking themselves with green and grey bulbous heads, you will see that most of the drawings of aliens and angels (or other religious figures for that matter) look eerily similar.  Now, I'm not saying that the Atlanteans were aliens, but I guess in the same respect I'm saying they are.  They were taught by visitors from the unknown.  Thus, being in an island in the middle of the sea, it made sense to them to travel places via the sky, like they were taught by the aliens.  Thus, when they appeared to the Egyptians and taught them how to make their pyramids, they appeared as aliens, because the Egyptians weren't used to seeing that kind of stuff yet.  Then, it just goes back to the alien versus angel argument which has been going on for decades, even though it will never be solved.  The point is that the Emerald Pyramid brings the ability to travel through space.  Traveling through space equals traveling through time.  To get places in a lifetime, one must travel very quickly-- quicker, even, than the speed of light.  This requires you to be able to bend time in order to travel through deep space.  They are one in the same.  This leg of the Crystal Trifecta in the sky is called the Emerald Crystal of Time.  It allows you to defy the laws of logic to travel to any point in space and time, with the blink of an eye.

The final part of the Pyramid Trifecta that you are getting with this piece is called the Platinum Crystal Capstone of TransformityTransformity is an extremely powerful art of allowing your own conscience and psyche to soak up powers, knowledge, and magic like a sponge. This is really that power that will facilitate it all.  The ancient Atlanteans were all transformative beings.  This means that, like their pyramids, their brains would swell in order to retain all the knowledge that they have ever acquired.  You don't have to worry your brain is not going to swell.  This is why you receive this power crystal as part of the package deal.  These three are the Perfect Trinity that will all work together to allow you to saturate your core being with any type of power that you want to obtain.  This power is sent into the realm of Earth through power lines that are emitted through space, that work kind of like invisible sunbeams.  I mean, they aren't really invisible, they are just beamed to Earth through ultra-violet colors that the human eye cannot see and the human brain cannot process.  Most of the time they are soaked up by the Blue Crystal of Knowledge at the base of the Earth's Chakra system, which is most likely where you will be obtaining most of your powers from.  However, there are rogue powers and abilities out there from time to time, which aren't recorded by the Blue Crystal.  So, if you want you can search for those as well.

All three of these powers are the parts of what is known as the Atlantic Holy Trinity.  Together they make up the Crystal Trifecta, which is held in the capstone of the pyramid that is known as the Great White.  They unlock a complete comprehension of Atlantean power and power of the universe in general.  They allow you live outside of your mortal existence to be elevated to the status of a god, with the knowledge of all things.  Now, you have a choice to make.  You can either keep living in your current situation-- blackened out to the truth, living in a world of ignorance.  Or you can get this item, which will give you amazing transformation and impeccable powers!  The choice is really up to you, but I don't see how anyone with a brain and a thirst for true knowledge would choose the first one!  You need to get this piece, it's what you've been waiting for.