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Norse magic is some of the most powerful that you will ever come across.  I mean, all magic in general is pretty powerful as long as it has time to be perfected and practiced.  However, there are some cultures who just get magic quicker than others.  The Norse have always been these types of people.  That's why they were they first to discover the existence of such creatures as elves, dwarfs, fairies and other magical entities.  This piece has been made, for us, by a practitioner of a particular type of magic that is anglicized as seidr.  This magic directly refers to the type of magic that the chief god, Odin practiced.  It was used during the creation of existence and is still in used today, in some circle of Norse magic.  Some of this magic has been lost, however, and has slipped through the hands of time.  For those who have kept it alive, it is usually a simple oral tradition, combined with a series of runes, as runic magic was also a popular choice of the time. 

This piece, while not necessarily a rune, has a physically depiction of the power that it holds.  The black band that encompasses the rest of the item is representative of the edge of reality and existence.  It's not the existence can ever be confine, because existence is infinite.  However, when we think in the terms of mortal understanding, there is an edge to everything--- a beginning and an end.  However, that's why this piece is round, to signify a continuity of existence, rather than a limit.  Within the ring that is considered the edge is where all known magic exists.  On the outsides is the the shadow lands, on the place where existence still occurs, it is just not entirely known of yet.  Either way, this is what the black ring depicts.  It is the barriers that can be crossed, but only once you master the main power of this piece. 

The second ring, the one that kind of looks like snakeskin is designed to depict just that.  It is the the representation of Jormungandr, who is the Norse Ouroboros.  This is depicting that nothing is ever set in stone.  This means that you can use the magic that this piece brings an infinite amount of time, because time goes on to replace itself.  It never ends, not even in the outer ring of the shadow lands.  Existence will always do just that-- exist.   It is cyclic and nature, and this depicts that the power that you are getting is infinite power, nothing that is once and done or any of those types of things.  Jormungandr is also the divine protector of existence, Manning that he protects all that is known, and as more things become known, he will expand to protect those things as well.  Thus, we have him for infinite magic and divine protection. 

Here is the beefy part of the magic that you are getting.  It has been set into this piece by the Norse witch that I told you about before.  It is 100% white power and has been granted to the piece from the chieftain god Odin, after he was contacted through the ancient magic known as seidr, which is actually his magic.  This is why it was easy to get into contact with him, because it's like we were already communicating on the same wavelength, using the same magic.  The magic that was set into this piece is the creation power Odin used during the creation of the Nine Worlds.  For those of you who aren't savvy, the Nine Worlds are the nine levels of existence that were created by Odin when he created existence before there was anything.  It is a very powerful magic that can be likened unto the God Yahweh, where in the Bible is says that he used it to create the world in seven days.  Only, I would say that this account is much stronger, because it was used to create nine levels of existence, not just Earth.  Within these levels of existence were created very powerful beings that are housed through various levels of existence. 

The center of this piece contains the pure essence of Seidr, that is the very creation power of Odin.  You can use it to create your own levels of existence.  Your levels of existence will be inside the known and protected by the Jormungandr, when you first start creating.  You can build whatever type of existence you'd like to create, with whatever entities you want to create.  You can instill your realms with whatever powers you want them to have etc.  For instance, you can build an existence that houses sanguine vampires to gain all of their powers.  You can build an existence that houses all witches, all wizards, all fairies, all elves, or a mixture of any type of existence you would like to exist.  You can gain the powers of whatever realms you build, just as Odin sees and knows all existence that built in all of his 9 levels of existence.  Once you have gained enough experience, you can venture off out into the dark unknown, but just be careful.  If you begin building there you will be outside of the white light protection and any evil can just come along and ruin what you've created.  So, you've just got to be choosy, but as long as you stay inside the white light ring, you will be fine.  This magic is a one of a time opportunity.  Enjoy!