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This item is the manifestation of an incantation that was found on one of the tablets from the ancient Library of Ashurbanipal.  It was created by Adita, one of our workers that is constantly out in the field.  She was successfully able to infiltrate the ranks of the Rosicrucians to gain access to these ancient tablets and powers.  <br /><br />

This particular item is from an ancient wealth tablet that whose incantation involves the summoning of and ageless unicorn.  In very old times, unicorns could manifest themselves because the minds of humans were open and capable of receiving them.  Unfortunately, the human mind gets increasing dull with each passing generation. <br /><br />

However, the incantation in this item allows you to lift your mind spiritually.  You will gain the capability of summoning an the ageless unicorn in spirit form.  It will manifest itself to you and bring with you the powers that it has carried since the beginning of time.<br /><br /> 

The first of these powers is healing.  This piece is very effective in its healing ability.  The healing ability comes from the alicorn of the entity and radiates with white light reparation powers.  <br /><br />

The second power that this entity will bring you is wealth.  I'm talking any kind of wealth that you want and/or need.  Wealth comes in many forms-- spiritual, monetary, magical, etc.  This unicorn does it all.  Basically, what it will do for you is manifest your most urgent inner desire.  This will be manifested in the form of an overabundance of wealth in that area.  It's a very useful and versatile power, as you merely need to communicate your wealth desire to the unicorn and it will be materialized!!  <br /><br />

These are long strand necklaces of all real Garnets. They are beautiful and can be wrapped or draped on you. You may wear them in the front or have them hang down your back for a sexy,wealthy look. There are two of these. One is  Alcestra and the other is Moriaun,both are males.