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This piece has been enchanted by Vuriel with the power of precognition. <br /><br />

This grants you the abilitiy to know something before it occurs.  This is probably the most common paranormal experience that people claim to have. It is usually where a person "watches" a scene, sometimes in a dream or a daydream, which then later, usually within hours or days, and sometimes within seconds, seems to match an actual event. When the event involves an airplane crash or other disaster, such stories sometimes get in the news.<br /><br />

Showcasing a daydream and then noting the power are parallel levels of power.<br /><br />

However, from a scientific perspective, there is usually very little "data", evidence or documentation, to confirm that a Precognition had taken place. If a person learns about some disaster and THEN tells people that he/she had foreseen it the day before, that may or may not be true, because there is usually no corroborative confirmation of what the person claims. <br /><br />

There are certainly notable exceptions. Around 2001, I think, a woman who had become known for such insights was being interviewed on a live radio call-in talk show, when she suddenly got a Precognition regarding an airliner crash. On the air, live, she described a number of details that she saw. I believe that around six hours later, an airliner crashed in a manner extremely similar to what she had described. From a scientific perspective, THAT represents a documentable event, and it is valuable toward some future understanding of the phenomenon. <br /><br />

When an individual puts money in a vending machine and the pop can comes out upside down, and he/she then tells friends that he/she had "seen" that was going to happen in a dream, it has virtually no scientific value toward understanding the phenomena. About the only way it would, would be if the person woke up from the dream, wrote down specific details seen in the dream, signed and dated the notes, and immediately gave a copy of the notes to some respected person (NOT a family member or friend!) (like maybe a Doctor or a Lawyer or a Police Officer) to also sign and date upon acceptance.<br /><br />

THEN, if the events later came true, there would be some credible confirmation that a Precognition had occurred. All this is pretty involved, and busy respected people would quickly tire of being given such notes several times each day! But, otherwise, the only "evidence" that would exist would be the word of the person who had the dream or daydream. In scientific terms, that is called "anecdotal evidence", un-corroborated statements that something had occurred, and it is considered to be of virtually zero scientific value.<br /><br />

So my point to this is -- Vuriel has invoke this piece to bring you precognitive abilities; this will give you amazing moments of knowledge and implications of being able to make choices based on what you know will occur, the only problem is most people will not believe what you are seeing.<br /><br />

This is an amazing power to have, but just ratify your gift according to who you are around as to if you wish to disclose the knowledge of visions you will be granted!!<br /><br />