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Your mind has countless memories in it of all the days, of all the previous years that you have lived! And, simply to maintain your sanity, your brain "forgets" most of them, even though they are still recorded somewhere in your brain.<br /><br />

These "forgotten memories" are a well-known phenomena in all of us. So, if you are in a familiar environment, and you get a feeling that you "had experienced this before" the reality might be that you actually had! <br /><br />

When your brain sees a pattern in an experience, it seems to have the ability to "suddenly remember" forgotten memories which happened to have a very similar pattern in them. This can therefore seem like it is a re-lived experience, of that spooky familiarity, but where the explanation is very mundane, simply a forgotten thought from three years earlier.<br /><br />

 Most people believe that they can remember all the experiences they have ever had, and that there could not possibly be any forgotten memories within them! For most people that is probably wrong, not the right reality! <br /><br />

You may be familiar with Oprah Winphrey's situation. For many years on her TV program, she had conversations with girls and women who had been raped, and she often expressed her feeling that she could not possibly know what they had gone through. But eventually, Oprah had had forgotten memories re-appear to her, and with the assistance of a talented hypnotherapist, she came to learn that SHE had been raped (repeatedly, as I recall) as a child! She found it astounding that she had not ever known that had happened to her! The most traumatic event that could ever happen to a young girl, and she had had absolutely no (conscious) memory that it had ever happened to her! In such extreme cases, the human mind seems to have the ability of CREATING a hysterical amnesia, so the person is able to proceed with life without having to be constantly destroyed by such memories. There are many thousands of well-documented cases of such blanked-out memories, of war-time experiences, of rapes, of incidents where the person had accidentally caused serious injury or death of a dear relative or friend.<br /><br />

So our minds are definitely capable of absolutely eliminating some memories from our consciousness. But what I am more directly addressing here is that our minds also often find it desirable to forget most of the mundane activities of our daily lives!<br /><br />

We are all chock full of forgotten memories! You have several memory processes in your mind, the most commonly used of which only retains the memory for something like 28 seconds! It is only if your mind feels something is worth remembering that the memory gets copied into a longer-term memory area of the brain. <br /><br />

A couple minutes after a TV program has returned, ask everyone present what the half-dozen commercials that were just aired were about. Not "a car company" but WHICH one and WHICH product was being presented to you. It truly is extremely difficult to do! Those companies spend millions of dollars to air their commercials, and we don't even remember them! RARE exceptions exist, like the Coca Cola polar bear family, but that was so interesting that it got transferred to your longer term memory, which is why you remember it.<br /><br />

It is frustrating sometimes to realize that you truly forget things, or that the mundane implicative thoughts and buried so deep that it is hard to re-kindle the memories!<br /><br />

This piece was empowered by an accentuated serum that will release energies through the item upon your skin. These energies will steady your functionability, focus, and concentration!<br /><br />

You will be able to pull out memories that you had buried so deep you truly thought you forgot about! You can recall instrumental moments of your childhood and conversations that made an impact so many years ago that you forgot! Testers were amazed and very happy with the progression and flooding of memories that came back.<br /><br />

Sometimes we overlook what is truly important in life.. and by being able to recall monumental moments with detail you will understand better how you ended up where you are now. This is an amazing piece of pure enlightenment into your own spirit and life, through memory recollection!<br /><br />