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I received this piece from a Romani witch that I keep in pretty regular contact with.  She is one of Haunted Curiosities' regular customers, and every once in a while she sends me a piece of her own.  She told me that she has been working on this piece for the last few months and has underwent extensive meditation and spiritual transformation to manifest these energies of the cosmos.<br /><br /> 


These energies are indeed very potent and hold the balancing powers of the nadis.    The nadis are energy channels or "winds" of etheric, pranic, and cosmological nature.  They are the life giving energies that flow through every mortal body and actually allow the soul to exist underneath the physical body.  <br /><br />


These energies correspond to the cosmological forces and energies of the solar system.  They are the energies that allow us to exist "as one" with our environment and allow psychics to read the cosmos and develop horoscopes.<br /><br /> 


The age old practices of such activities as yoga, spiritual meditation, and chakratic alignment, along with other practices, are all aimed at aligning your nadis energy with the cosmological life-force.  When one enters this state, it referred to as nirvana or bliss.  People strive for entire lifetimes to achieve this state of harmonious balance, and then sometimes don't even succeed. <br /><br />


This piece has been made by the Romani witch mentioned above and holds the the energy of perfect alignment of your nadis energy flow with that of the cosmological life-force.  It will put your mind and core existence at one with the universe and unlock a secret knowledge and magic within your soul. <br /><br />