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Moon Dance<br /><br />


Our closest celestial neighbor is the moon.  It is much smaller than the sun, but yet exerts a ton more energy and 2.5 times the amount of gravitational pull.  The magic of the energy in the moon is so powerful that affects the Earth in five tides.  These tides are the fire tide, the air tide, the ocean tide, the earth tide, and the blood tide.  <br /><br />


You can look these tides up, but in simple form these five tides pull together to affect the aura of the Earth and its life-force.  We are under heavy impact of these tides, which is the magic that the moon emits.  <br /><br />


The moon is strongly associated with balance… the balance of mental and emotional bonds, the balance of the Earth's positioning and the balance of magic.  It is a direct oracle to all forms of magic and balances the forces of good and evil.  It is also hold heave influence over the way people think and act and why they do what they do. <br /><br />  


When I was a child, I used to sit at the edge of my lawn under a very tall oak tree and gaze up at the moon and the stars.  It was always changing and I was always interested in going there.  As an adult I've learned that everything happens for a reason and that destiny will take its own course.  Destiny is heavily influence by what are known as moon phases. During different moon phases energy is release into our atmosphere by the moon.  <br /><br />


Here is where the magic comes into play.  In order to fully utilize the powers in the moon, you must soak up the rays of a full lunar month's moon.  This means, soaking up the rays of the moon on each night as it waxes and wanes.  Who has time to do this?  Not me, that's for sure.  <br /><br />


It's okay though, because I have an item called, "Moon Dance".  The power in this necklace is extremely rare, because not many people have the time to accomplish the acquisition of this type of magic.  This piece has set outside during the night for a full course of a moon phase.   The power has been soaked into the attached moon crystal.  <br /><br />


With this piece, you merely need to meditate with the piece to release the power in the crystal.  You will gain full control over powers of the moon.  They will dance in your mind and bring you full control over each distinct power.  <br /><br />


The powers you are receiving is the ability to control others minds with the energy found in lunar tides, which pull the elements of the Earth and change human behavior.  You will also gain a special power that will cleanse and crystallize your soul, which means putting your soul into its purest form.  The full powers of moon alchemy will be manifest unto, which will give you the ability of a type of very powerful magic!!!  <br /><br />


I've used this power and I was astonished that influence of moon energy has and the strength of moon alchemy.  I've got my use out of this piece, so I am willing to pass it on.  Don't hesitate, let the moon shine down on you with this empowering moon dance!!  <br /><br />