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When I was in the 9th grade, I was home recovering from same day surgery. My mom and I had just gotten home and I went straight to bed, doctor's orders.<br /><br />

My mom walked into my bedroom to ask what I wanted for lunch, and after she left  I laid down and pulled the covers over me. As soon as I did that, I became instantly paralyzed and I freaked out!<br /><br />

The only thing I could move on my body were my eyes, and they were as big as dinner plates. I could feel myself panicking. Then a flood of questions poured from my mind. As I lay there totally immobile I felt myself bouncing all around inside my body from my head to my toes … it was almost as if I was trying to break free. <br /><br />

I couldn't yell for my mom or anything. My eyes darted all around the room hoping to make some sense of what was happening to me. Strangely enough I could hear my mom fixing my lunch in the kitchen, then I found myself slowly calming down. When I was at peace, I was "allowed" to—don't know how i did it though—spiritually look to my left, and when I did, I could see through my bedroom wall to the front door of our house. There stood many, many, many spirits. <br /><br />

They were dressed in coats, hats, mostly Caucasians, and they were talking and laughing, but it seems like they were waiting for something, a train maybe. Then all of a sudden, whoosh, they seemed to be sucked through the front door, towards me, but were averted down the hall by my bedroom in the direction of the bathroom at the end of the hall. I guess once they all passed by, I was released from what I always felt to be a large hand covering me.<br /><br />

The same thing happened two years later while in the 11th grade while I was living with my aunt two streets over from my mom's house: Paralyzed by the hand, panicked, calmed down, allowed to see spirits, whoosh they went by, released from the hand. This time I was alone with my infant brother.<br /><br />

I moved out on my own, and then at my house, it happened once again. I had just come home from work, went home to lie down and plopped face down on the bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was paralyzed—hand covering me and panicking. Because this was the third time it happened, I was used to this strange experience. I gave in. My thoughts completely changed from the first two times when it happened; they now were What's going on now? This must be what happens when you die, back to what's happening … As soon as I said that, somehow I was allowed to rise up and turn around just in time to see the spirits passing through … bunches of them … then I calmly laid back down until they finished. Then I was released.<br /><br />

It was so odd how this kept occurring and my alleviated spirit would not let me forget, or understand the experiences. This is how I got in touch with Deedee and started my career with paranormal activity!<br /><br />

I set up a meeting with Deedee and explained to her my encounters, like I just shared with you. She asked me a variety of questions and the 1 element that was always with me when this happened were my grandfathers Coast Guard medals!<br /><br />

This was the key -- the medals held elements of historcial travel upon the realm of spirits. Each medal held a spirit and they came forth to utilize my body. <br /><br />

There are 10 medals, hence 10 spirits that transition through to you when you have this piece. It was hard for me to believe at first, but then after showcasing the testing process it revealed that the spirits are there to protect, heal, and instill knowledge.<br /><br />

They were helping heal my wounds from the surgery when I was in 9th grade, help aide my hand because I had sprained my wrist in gym class, and then when I was on my own I was having massive headaches due to stress over money and life in general!<br /><br />

This has been a very important piece to me, as I feel my grandfather knew of the power of the spirits and that is why he gifted it to me in his will.

I planned on keeping this as a family heirloom, but I had a dream about a customer who truly needs protection and healing and so I am making it available, as I feel the my grandfather would be proud to know that I learned about the power and 'paid it forward.'<br /><br />

If you, or someone you know needs the ultimate protection, or help in healing an ailment, then allow these 10 spirits to aspire their convictions in your soul to instill blessings or pure white light~!<br /><br />

From my grandfather to me, and now an offering to you --- A TRUE BLESSING!<br /><br />