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His hands were around my throat.  I was choking and sputtering.  I could barely breath.  I was losing consciousness-- and fast.  The world around me began to dim and fade away.  I gasped for my last breath of air; but hey-- I like it that way! <br /><br />

I awoke with his face in my crotch.  I didn't have much time to recollect what going on.  He was slurping like a dog and his tongue was ripping my hole apart with sheer pleasure.  I couldn't even keep up with my breathing.  It was coming in small, hot bursts of air.  I grabbed his hair and shoved his face in deeper.  If I could have I would have shoved his entire head in there.  I wanted all of him; it felt so amazing. <br /><br />

My legs began to quake… not just tremble, but quake.  I could barely keep up with myself, as he rocked my world.  He just kept munching away and I could feel myself exploding all over his face.  He didn't care much because he kept right on going, sucking up all the juices and digging with his tongue like he was going after buried treasure.   <br /><br />

Without any notice, he grabbed me and threw me over his hunky, muscular shoulder.  I squealed with pleasure because I knew what was coming next.  He took me over to the sex chair, which is a device that dangles your entire body in mid air, binds you, and leaves you helpless.  I love it.  <br /><br />

As he fastened me into the sex chair, my body swelled up with sexual desire, and hot, steamy arousal.  I knew what was coming next and I wanted every second of it.  He lifted my body up, horizontally, which wasn't much of a task for him, given the immense size of his muscles and his superhuman strength. <br /><br />

He began sucking on my toes, which sent a prickly, gooey feeling throughout my entire body.  I began moaning uncontrollably, as he ran his tongue the entire length of my thigh.  He stopped at the top of either thigh, burying his razor sharp fangs into my thigh.  I felt the blood trickle down my thing as his sexual venom entered my blood stream.  <br /><br />

I became intoxicated with sexual blood lust and my entire body was thrust into a state of orgasm.  He bent me over and began to spank my ass with a leather paddle.  At first it was gentle, more like a tapping sensation.  It got harder and harder until I let out a yelp with each spanking.  I began to scream and he stuffed a sock in my mouth.  I love it rough and each swift, hard spank radiated a sexual spark that added fuel to my orgasmic fire.  <br /><br />

He flipped me over 360 degrees and wrapped my legs around his midsection as he stuffed his cock inside of me deep and hard.  I felt his husky, erected dick nestled deep inside of me.  It was moving in and out fast, then faster, then faster.  His thick, beefy dick slid across all my feel good spots, creating a friction that released pure pleasure to all of my body.  <br /><br />

He gripped up my breasts and pinched my nipples and a screeched out loud, because I couldn't take it any more.  I began to mimic his actions, laying my hands on top of his and grinding back against his member in circular motions.  The friction became more than I could handle and I was thrown into ecstasy.  <br /><br />

My body exploded from the inside out and I dangled upside down, losing all grip over reality.   This is what I call freak mode.  It's when I stop having individual orgasms and His entire penis radiates orgasm energy into my vagina and it is released to my whole body.  It literally feels like you are having an orgasm in every part of your body. <br /><br />

Your brain isn't an exception.  When the brain reaches the orgasm point it sends it back down to the vagina and the vagina sends it back repeating the process.  It's never ending orgasmic bliss.  It usually lasts a long time until he is done, but never less than a half hour of straight orgasm. <br /><br />

The original owner of this piece moved onto a new one to use.  We got this piece off of her and we are now putting it up for sale. <br /><br />