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Don't Stress the Premonition<br /><br />

In Mid-December 2009 while reviewing my homeowner's insurance policy for renewal, I was stunned to see that earthquake insurance was not included. No damage coverage for earth quakes and shifts, tremors, mudslides nor volcanoes. The thought nagged me.<br /><br />

Now I have to say, we haven't had volcanic fissures in 200 million years, but I worry about such things. The last earthquake to cause hairline cracks in wall plaster was in the 1940s. We were over due and I felt vulnerable. Maybe it was the mudslide threat that kept me up at night, not common, but at least remotely possible. I renewed the policy as it was, but the thought still nagged me and my concern seemed to get worse. After a week of fretting, I called my insurer and added earthquake coverage to my new policy beginning early January 2010.<br /><br />

The very next day after my call, a house located down state was in danger of collapse due to a mudslide, an event so uncommon that it made the evening news. That mudslide must have been what I was feeling. I relaxed for a few days even though my insurance was not yet in effect, but anxiety grew stronger to near panic as January neared. All I could think of during that first week of 2010 was earthquake. Earthquake. EARTHQUAKE!<br /><br />

Time is running out! Am I covered yet? The following week I knew what I was plugged into—the whole world knew. On January 12, 2010 the strongest quake in 200 years struck Haiti.<br /><br />

I have always had sensational feelings about people, but I never really have premonitions, or implicatons of future events. It was odd to me that this occured! Then I remembered that I had been wearing this piece -- a piece I was given as a Christmas gift from Steve.<br /><br />

Never did I think to ask if it was implored with any kind of majestic powers -- but long and behold it was. <br /><br />

He said that I was complaining about how I never seem to be preapred for things and that I always procrastinate; that I wish I was able to see things in advance so I wouldn't stress out about how they would turn out... so he gave me this piece! Although he never told me that it was invoked, so it made me think for a bit.<br /><br />

Anyway, this has helped me out A LOT -- I have been able to forecast many events, outcomes of meetings and trips and learn things about others and myself. <br /><br />

With the recent birth of my son a few months ago, I cannot utilize this piece anymore, as now I worry the opposite, that I will find something out about him that will scare me.<br /><br />

So it is now being offered to you... this is a phenomenal piece that will work fast! Allow your mind to grant you knowledge and feelings of future endeavors and forsee outcomes of things that you wish you knew~! Great piece!<br /><br />