Alternate Reality Creation
Alternate Reality Creation
Alternate Reality Creation

Alternate Reality Creation

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This piece is a metaphysical treasure. I have obtained it from group of scientists in Paris that have been studying and further advancing the theory of the holographic universe. The theory of the holographic universe states that every subatomic atom is interconnected in one way or another. It says that while we all exist separately, we also all exist as the same.

This being said, it has been theorized that the universe is a holographic projection of our reality that has, along the existence of mankind, been accepted as the reality of creation and matter. However, it has also been said that there could be less, more, or even nothing at all outside of our our own existence. After all, if one is all and all is one, and we are interconnected, aren't we all just, kind of... here?

Well, at least for now, we can identify with being separate entities, and until the scientists come up with a means of explaining how I am my own grandpa... or better yet how I am writing this for someone else who is actually me, I will keep it that way. I can offer you something, though.

The piece that was sent to me is a piece that will chemically alter the way messages are sent to and from your brain. It will give you the potential to unlock all hidden caverns and chambers of your mind. With this power you will essentially be able to create your own deeper and inner reality.

Bar no holds, you will be able to create your own alternate reality for your own purposes. Whatever it is you decide to create. You can create your own paradise to escape to, or you can create a world in which everyone obeys your command. You will be able to obtain powers from the inner reality that you create. You will be able to bring them back with you to the Earthen Realm where the rest of us, be what we may, still exist.

This piece makes it possible for spiritual time travel, space travel, teleporting, communication among different types of beings, and realm creation. Its abilities are really unlimited keeping in mind the power of thought, which fuels its very existence. For instance, the sharper your brain, the better and more crystal clear your results are going to be.

My suggestion is to get this piece, then read up, study, investigate, and create. Not even the sky is the limit for this piece. There are no limits when you live in a world of infinite imagination. Welcome to reality. You will receive the piece that you see here.

In this piece is the power that is necessary to attain the powers sought. The eye on the front will guide you on your journeys to whatever realms and astral plains you may encounter.