Go Toward the Mysterious Light
Go Toward the Mysterious Light

Go Toward the Mysterious Light

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Twelve miles southwest of Joplin, Missouri, an obscure paved road runs through a open patch of countryside. This nearly forgotten track runs across the Oklahoma border but is only about four miles long. Nearby is the former border village of Hornet, and close to that is the site of what once was a spook light museum. The place is remote and far from civilization, so why do so many people come here?<br /><br />


They are searching for an unexplained enigma, a puzzle that most of them actually seem to find. It has been seen along this road since 1866 and has created such a mystery that even the Army Corps of Engineers officially concluded that it was a "mysterious light of unknown origin". It has gone by many names as it has made it's appearances here in a place called the "Devil's Promenade", but it's most commonly known as the Hornet Spook Light.<br /><br />


This light has appeared seemingly as a ball of fire for almost 140 years, varying in size from a basketball to larger. It spins down the center of this gravel road at great speed, rises up high, bobs and weaves to the right and left. It appears to be a large lantern, but there is never anyone carrying it. The light has appeared inside of vehicles, seems to retreat when it is pursued and never allows anyone to get to close to it. Does the light have some sort of intelligence? That remains just one of the many mysteries connected to this light.<br /><br />


No one has ever been injured by the light but many claim to have been frightened by it while walking down this road at night. Sometimes it just seems to come from nowhere and a few witnesses claim they have felt the heat from it as it passed close by them. Occasionally, some observer will even take a shot or two at the light, like Franklin Rossman, who lived near the Devil’s Promenade for years. He twice attempted to shoot the light with a “30-30” rifle but the shots had no effect whatsoever. He told an investigator to the site that he was unable to judge the distance to the light as it had such an odd look to it.<br /><br />


There have been many theories that have attempted to explain why this mysterious light appears here. Originally, a number of legends sprung up around the place. One of them claimed the light was connected to the spirit of two young Quapaw Indians who died in the area many years ago. Another claimed the light was the spirit of an Osage Indian chief who had been beheaded on the Devil's Promenade and the light was said to be his torch as he searched for his missing head. Another legend tells of a miner whose children were kidnapped by Indians and he set off looking for them with only a lantern to light his way. The light is said to be his lantern as continues looking for the children that he will never find.<br /><br />


Locals claim that the stories of the Hornet Light originated back in the 1800’s but most printed accounts are of a much more recent vintage. As far as is known, the first account of it appeared in the Kansas City Star in 1936 and then in the 1947 book Ozark Superstitions by Vance Randolph, the famed Missouri folklorist. Randolph was the first to put into print the oral legends of the light’s origins, from beheaded Indians to lost children.<br /><br />


In 1958, a writer investigated the light and described it as a diffused, orange glow that floated and weaved along the roadway. He also noted that it seemed to change size as he watched it, varying between the size of apple to that of a bushel basket. While present, he also saw the light split off into three different lights and then as a single light, it settled down upon the branch of a tree and changed colors to blue.<br /><br />


Over the years, the light has been studied, researched, chased, photographed and shot at - but what is it? While legends give one reason for the light, its genuine origins seem to present a formidable problem.<br /><br />


Many suggestions have been offered as to what could cause the light to appear and for many years the most popular was that it was merely will-o’-the-wisp, the name given to a biological phenomenon that is caused by the decay of wood and organic materials. The emission of light that comes from the decay often glows brightly and can be seen on occasion in wooded areas and damp regions.<br /><br />


As fascinating as this is, it really doesn’t explain the Hornet Light. Instances of will-o’-the-wisp simply do not give off the intensity of light that has been reported along the Devil’s Promenade.<br /><br />


After hearing about this track where the light emits itself, we planned to visit and investigate! I love when we discover an interesting source of mystery that allows us to do a full investigation. The thrill of not knowing what you will find excites me! It is like a treasure hunt~<br /><br />


Anyway, last October we journeyed to Missouri and spend 5 days at the location. From night 1 we saw the noted light force, but could not get very close, but by the last night... we had the force inside the vehicle! It was insane and we were able to capture remnants of the light, as we brought vessels that were ready to capture intense power.<br /><br />


I would say that our investigation couldn't have gone any better, as the three we had done prior were dead ends... we followed claims from people and found no signs of paranormal activity... so alas this was extra exciting for me!<br /><br />


I needed the charge that comes when you uncover a mystery. And the mystery precluded that the light on Spook Light Road is channeled from spirits who are there to absorb on-seekers into another realm. Many people have been taken to the realm and have no idea they were ever there!<br /><br />


It is similar to people who have been abducted by aliens. The light caught in these vessels is trapped and have become portal openers for you to gain access to the secret realm. Since you hold the force of the light and it cannot escape, you will be able to recall your visits and utilize the knowledge that you will find to empower yourself with the ideals of the other world!<br /><br >


Deedee decided to give some of these vessels away as gifts, so we only have one left.  It is a sterling silver piece, man's size 8, which gives the power extra energy and potency.  We have all tested these piece and it is truly an amazing piece for the price!!  <br /><br >