"Zen"-sational Spirit Collection -- Piece 2

"Zen"-sational Spirit Collection -- Piece 2

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We have a new collection of items that have been energized with abilities and powers that will bring forth practical inspiration for a happier life.<br /><br />


These have all recently been tested and work wonderfully! Many people have desires, needs, and wants and cannot seem to get past the obstacles to achieve them. <br /><br />


All of the pieces in this collection are from a Zen Spiritualist who has mastered the powers of the bodies resonation. <br /><br />


This piece is empowered to give you a meaningful glimpse of the spiritual good side of everyone you meet. It is often hard to see the good in others, as people can straight up be assholes -- but it does you no justice to treat them the same way. <br /><br />


Everyone has a heart, and although some rarely showcase this, you will be able to see the good in everyone with this piece.<br /><br />


This item triggers a lobal surge that details the inner most secrets that people hold at the core of their being. You will be able to connect and understand why they are supplementing their attitude on you, when you are an innocent bystander.<br /><br />


Often if you deal with the public you come across someone who is miserable and treats you nasty -- and the immediate reaction is to call them a bitch, or tell them off. This raises your endorphins and can cause you to allow their negativity to affect your spirit... now with this piece you will be able to stay above their cloud of negativity and understand the core of the issue. This will enable you to actually help them, if you so desire~<br /><br />


Very cool ability to have!<br /><br />