Spiritual Communication Piece
Spiritual Communication Piece
Spiritual Communication Piece
Spiritual Communication Piece
Spiritual Communication Piece

Spiritual Communication Piece

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Spirit Portal ~

This was a story told to me by my friend Stacia, who this happened to as a child.

When she was very young, Stacia used to be terrified of going to bed. She was convinced there was a demon in the wood paneling of her bedroom. Somehow, a small irregularity within the wood grain had appeared to her as to be a miniature, demonic entity.

Like all paneling, these patterns repeated along all four walls of her room. She remembers be around the age of 5, so she hadn't thought to question why there would be a static demon impressed in a form of decor that should have been outlawed in the late 70s -- not that questioning it would have calmed the fear.

Maybe that even says something about how our perception changes as we age. At that young age, such an idea seemed plausible to her, a young girl who, having not very many years before, burst forth into this world in a glory of blood and embryonic fluid.

At night Stacia would usually hear strange noises along with creaking sounds in her room, as if someone were walking towards or near her. It also wasn't uncommon to have items of her's end up in peculiar locations.

Stacia decided to test the latter issue once, to confirm it was actually happening and wasn't just her parents moving her toys around. Just before leaving the house one evening with her parents, she had placed a stuffed animal on her bed and said out loud "If there is someone else here, move this teddy bear", or something to that effect.

They left for a time -- she thinks for dinner or shopping, and returned a few hours later. She remembers that she had all but forgotten about her plan at this point, but when she flipped on the light in her bedroom, the teddy bear was lying on the floor in the middle of the room.

That was enough to convince her at that point. Between the recurring nightmares, the noises, the tiny-demons, and the dark woods behind her house, she was convinced something out of the ordinary was occurring.

Scared out of their minds, her parents did the logical thing and, had a priest visit their home.

Stacia thought this was pretty cool, at the time . Priests reminded her of knights, at that age; Paladins in cloth armor. She had seen The Exorcist, which helped propel that idea, and likened the priest sitting in their living room.

It was just the four of them sitting there talking, Stacia, her mom & dad and Father Hollard. They didn't discuss anything intense, just general get-to-know-you conversation. He engaged Stacia regularly and she remembers feeling like she was a a grown-up in the way he addressed her. Eventually they spoke about her fear of the bedroom and the demons imprinted on the walls. As a result, a blessing was performed in her room; complete with holy water -- and it worked. She felt safe and protected; at least for a while.

By the time Stacia was 9, she was sharing her tiny bedroom with both her sister and brother. Bunk-beds helped save some space, but as you can imagine, it was pretty tight quarters.

One night, while laying in her bed thinking, she heard her grandmother's voice coming through the vents. They lived in a duplex in the Philadelphia suburbs and her grandmother lived in the apartment below them. Stacia couldn't make out what was being said at first, but just prior to hearing her speaking, she had felt something was 'off' in the house, and the feeling caused her skin to prickle. She climbed down off her bed and moved towards the vent at the base of the wall across the room.

Her grandma appeared to be talking to someone, but there were, bizarre sounds mixed in. She cannot, for the life of her, recall what they sounded like, but one thing was certain -- she was becoming terrified. It almost sounded like her grandma was in a whirlpool of sound. The only words she could make out was her sobbing the words: "Oh my God, it's Joshua. It's Josh!"

The only Josh that Stacia knew of was her grandfather. He had died earlier that year, in February of 1982. Before she even heard her say his name, Staica had already known -- or felt, the strange discord that permeated through the house; it seemed to carry the feeling of her grandfather.

Stacia recently recalled this memory from when she was young because her grandma just passed away a few months ago. Although her family had moved from the apartment building years back, and Stacia is grown with a house of her own, she got the same quirky feeling when she went with her parents to clean out her grandmas apartment.

Stacia found her grandma's jewelry box and smiled as she looked at the broaches and rings that she always associated with her grandmother. One particular piece kept glistening and catching her attention. She knew there was something strange about this piece.

After the estate of her grandma was settled, Stacia brought the piece to me and asked what I thought of it. I was instantly able to feel vibrations of power run through my body when I touched this piece.

The sensation was incredibly strong and I took it ito Deedee for us to test and decipher together. We learned through ritual induction that the piece contained marks of very strong telepathy, but also had a suspicious resemblance to clairvoyance accompanied by clairaudience.

This occurs when there is a message from a person who either has passed, is dying, or believing themselves to be approaching death; the frequency is very strong.

We were able to conjure that this piece once sent a message from Joshua, Stacia's grandpa, to her grandmother, Beatrice. This is what we believe Stacia heard through the vent when she was young. Her grandma held this piece as a blessed emblem item after she got the connection from her deceased love; it told her to have Stacia's family move from the apartment building; that there were evil entities within their home that were not taken care of by the Priest. This now made sense to Stacia, because it was while she was 9 that her family did move out... her grandma gave them money to help them buy a house.

As we were sitting with the piece in hand it started glowing to fortify a message from Beatrice --- she wanted to let her family know that she is with Joshua and that they are happy and at peace. Deedee was able to get this message from the item to share with Stacia.

Now that this item has been used as a vessel of communication it can forecast strength for any spirit to come forth; so anyone who bonds with this will be able to bring their deceased love ones close to them by allowing a connection through this piece using its powers of telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

This is a powerful item of connectivity energy that Stacia wanted to allow others to experience and so she is allowing us to sell it to our customers ---- this is an extraordinary piece!!