"Zen"-sational Spirit Collection -- Piece 4
"Zen"-sational Spirit Collection -- Piece 4
"Zen"-sational Spirit Collection -- Piece 4

"Zen"-sational Spirit Collection -- Piece 4

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We have a new collection of items that have been energized with abilities and powers that will bring forth practical inspiration for a happier life.<br /><br />


These have all recently been tested and work wonderfully! Many people have desires, needs, and wants and cannot seem to get past the obstacles to achieve them. <br /><br />


All of the pieces in this collection are from a Zen Spiritualist who has mastered the powers of the bodies resonation. <br /><br />


A defiant moment when you can really start living is something that people long for. This item was casted to allow you to stop searching for answers to unanswerable questions and just live.<br /><br />


Many of us have the problem of needing to know more... we want all the details, we have to know WHY?! <br /><br />


This is a natural componal feeling and desire, but in reality it is not good for our soul. <br /><br />


These zen items are remarkable in bringing forth illustrious movements to help you advance with your occult interests.<br /><br />


Once your body is adjusted and you are able to take things at face value and believe in the majestics in the world, then you will excel in your trials and tribulations of the paranormal. <br /><br />


Do not question why or how something has happened, just be glad it did!<br /><br />


Testers who used this piece were able to gain windfalls of money as they didn't question everything and allowed themselves to take chances and take risks and thus brought them monetary gain in their life~<br /><br />