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A sigil is the truest and most universal symbol of a spirits nature.<br /><br />

The linking sigil is a simplistic symbol that "links" back to the energy of the main spirit and can be used anywhere, and anytime, energy is needed. <br /><br />

Practice and experimentation with different methods of acquiring energies and powers utilize the dedication of permanence.<br /><br />

Your connection with this piece will aspire you to keep moving forward with the sweet success that will be brought back when you become a transfer-er of cosmic energies that will bring you extreme enjoyments of energies that will bring you advancements in your life!<br /><br />

Sigil symbols tend to be permanent, in which case the one who acquires the energy filled token will forever have a spirit that will assist them.<br /><br />

It is hard to find sigil items, as most are created through realms to utilize a connection in the spirit world.<br /><br />

This piece holds a priestess named Shenoit -- who was blessed with the most divine life that has been noted, set aside from Jesus Christ himself.<br /><br />

Her aspects to heal, make things appear into thin air and see through the walls and layers of realms made her a cultivated endower of blessings. She had many followers and her life on Earth was pure and full of glory.<br /><br />

When this piece was discovered to hold the connection to her spirit, we were filled with rational delight -- as we knew how rare and incredibly special this piece is!<br /><br />

You now can call upon Shenoit whenever you are in need of a surge of energy to bring enlightenment upon your life.<br /><br />

This piece holding the symbolic sigil is truly faith filled and glorified~!<br /><br />