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Angelika had a recurring nightmare 7 years ago, at the age of 34, that her husband, who is now 52, was involved in a car accident. <br /><br />

She had this dream 5 times over a period of a month and on the impact would wake and sit upright in a panic and begin sweating prefusely. This dream seemed to last for just seconds and was identical every time. Angelika was suddenly (sitting) in the back of her husband's car, but in the dream she was actually aware that she wasn't actually in the car but just an observer. <br /><br />

All she could see were her husband and the view out the windshield. Then, all of a sudden a black pickup would come towards him and hit him head on. That's when she would wake up in a sweat.<br /><br />

Three weeks after the dream had stopped, she went on her family vacation with her husband, daughters, and grandchildren. <br /><br />

Angelika travelled down with her husband, and the others drove in their own cars. They all arrived safely and she didn't give the dream another thought. <br /><br />

There vacation was great and they were all in the cars ready to travel home when Angelika'daughter came to the window of her car and said her husband didn't want her and their 18 month old daughter in their car because the seatbelt had broken. <br /><br />

They offered to swap cars and let them travel home in their car and they would go in theirs. Angelika's granddaughter wanted 'Nana' to ride with her, so she did. They set off, and about an hour into the journey they were on the motorway and Angelika's husband was travelling behind them.<br /><br />

She just happened to glimpse into the passenger side mirror and observed a black truck hit their car. <br /><br />

Her husband was fine, the accident was minor; the crash wasn't exactly as the dream but she felt like it was a warning.<br /><br />

Her mother told her that at that exact time, Angelika's father appeared before her who passed 13 years ago. She phoned Angelika and told her this before she had a chance to tell her about the accident.<br /><br />

When waiting for the cops to arrive on the scene of the accident, Angelika noticed this piece on the side of the road. The sunlight beaming on it caught her attention. <br /><br />

When she picked it up she instantly felt a sensation run through her body -- and the face of an angel was in her mind. <br /><br />

She knew this dream was a sign, a symbolic connection -- and then the knowledge of the coming forth of her deceased father -- this was a miracle!<br /><br />

Angelika contacted us to see what all of this meant, to see if there was any answers we could help her uncover. <br /><br />

After a few months of working with the piece we learned that it holds the majestic ability of illuminated innumerable blessings. This is a faceted piece tht brings forth the dreams of near thoughts and desires!<br /><br />

You will discover new elements of your life, secrets that have been kept in your family over the years, and connect with those who have deceased to gain peace and contentment.<br /><br />

We often say 'should have,' 'could have,' 'wish I would have'... and now you can depict those thoughts by prevailing the powers that lie within this amazing item.<br /><br />

For Angelika her dream led her to this wonderful piece as it was a sign to believe the visit from her father that took place -- where she normally would have passed it on as her mother's wishful thinking -- let this prove to you that you can ease the thoughts and connect with those you long to have closure with -- as well as gain authority over extra sensory visions that will come through to your mind~!<br /><br />