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This piece is unique and unlike other third eye pieces or spirit communication items.  <br /><br />

This item is glass and must be worn touching the skin~!<br /><br />

To begin its activation, it needs to touch your forehead, eyes, ears and wrist one time before wearing. Many of you may wonder why the wrist is important in this piece but it's because it holds your pulse and it moves through the body, it's your life source. <br /><br />

This eye holds the power of the all seeing eye and the power of the pyramids which means all the power it took to make them and the reasons they were made. <br /><br />

This piece holds immediate results with no bonding time. You will have the same psychic ability as the greatest angelic forces that made the pyramids with no darkness or evil.<br /><br />

This is the piece that Jason tested and talked about on the show! You will posess the powers, energies, and memories of all who have utilized this piece before you. This is an amazing item that will instill and infuse glorified powers within your soul.<br /><br />

The thoughts that will prevail from your mind will rationalize the divine endurance of knowledge that will grant you full invocations of, normally, unobtainable sources of energy!<br /><br />

Jason has incredible powers of reactory senses... this meaning that he will instinctly be able to know when things are going to happen, through a mergent feeling in his stomach, what most will say is their "gut reaction". This feeling that people sometimes sense is very powerful, if you know hot to use it and understand what the implied sensation is for. <br /><br />

You will gain this instinctual ability with the ration to comprehend what each feeling means -- as Jason was the last one to use this item. So you will gain his power, plus the ability to implore all the energies that linger within from those who have developed the piece in the past.<br /><br />

*This is a phenomenal piece -- if you purchase please state that Jason has this in his office in the special instructions area, when you pay ... as he is keeping it safe until it is to be passed on!<br /><br />

 ~ This would not photo well -- but it is a glorious piece that showcases amazing energy and power.