Powers of Anthropmancy
Powers of Anthropmancy

Powers of Anthropmancy

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Powers of Anthropmancy

Anthropmancy is the divination by the entrails of dead men or women. This usage is very powerful and extremely ancient.

Herodotus said that Menelaus, detained in Egypt by contrary winds, sacrificed to his barbarous curiosity, two children of the county, and sought to discover his destiny by means of anthropmancy. Heliogabalus practiced this means of divination.

Julian the Apostate, in his magical operations, during his nocturnal sacrifices, caused, it is said, a a large number of children to be killed, so that he might consult their entrails.

In his last expedition, being at Carra, in Mesopotamia, he shut himself in the Temple of the Moon, and having done all manner of evil there, he sealed the doors and posted a guard, whose duty it was to see that they were not opened until his return. However, he was killed in battle with the Persians, and those who entered the Temple of Carra, in the reign of Julian's successor, found there a woman hanging by her hair, with her liver torn out.

The feat of the power that was gained was indeed strong, but they were going about this the wrong way. You do not want to kill someone to pull their powers, you can either expel it from them utilizing magic, or pull powers that you need from the regimented spirits that roam the realms.

Tomer has practiced anthropmancy with victims that he has utilized for meals in the past and forecast this ancient portrayal. He manifested this piece which will allow you to extract the powers the same way people do with entrails, but without harming the person. This grants you more opportunities and generated strengths from those you pull from.

This is a very skillful tool that will clench on to the eradicated abilities within a body and allow you to exhume them with the progressive remnants of power that runs through this piece!

You also will have an astral connection to Tomer, where he can be called upon during meditation, or in your dreams, to help you advance your new pulled powers --- and find solace in your newly adhered skills~!