Vatican Prostitutes
Vatican Prostitutes
Vatican Prostitutes

Vatican Prostitutes

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Vatican Prostitutes

From the year 914 the mistress known as Marozia ruled the Lateran Palace, the main seat of the papacy until the construction of St. Peter's Basilica.

Marozia was effectively a female senator of Rome and enjoyed free reign over the Eternal City.

The Vatican would have preferred this chapter of the Church's story to disappear from the history books forever... as for almost the entire first half fo the 10th century, the Palace of the Popes was ruled by mistresses.

Historians have dubbed it the "pornocracy." a combination of the Latin words porne, meaning prostitute, and kratia, meaning power. During this time it was the women who called the shots, and none more so than Theodora I, who orchestarted a match between her very young daughter Marozia and Pope Sergius III. They had a son, who according to tradition, would eventually succeed his father to become Pope John xi.

The illegitimate child of a pope and his mistress on the throne of what was then the most powerful institution in the world -- for the bishops, this was something they knew they had to keep secret from the populace.

For others it was an opportunity to strip the pope of his power. It was Alberic II, the half-brother of the young pope, who just one year after John XI, came to power imprisoned his half-brother and his mother and had them killed, allowing him to take over as ruler of Rome.

Thus the pornocracy was abolished, but that didn't mean that women were banned from the pope's life! The men in the Vatican continued to lust after the female sex for another five centuries.

This state of affairs was eventually exposed in the year 1600 by the ecclesiastical historian Cesare Baronio, who detailed many disreputable circumstances that lead to the coining of the term "pornocracy." He discovered, among other things, that the bishops who attended the Council of Constance were accompanied by 1,500 prostitues.

Isn't it funny how the most "religious" contributors have the most skeletons in the closet~!

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