HCTV -- ITEM #14
HCTV -- ITEM #14
HCTV -- ITEM #14
HCTV -- ITEM #14
HCTV -- ITEM #14
HCTV -- ITEM #14
HCTV -- ITEM #14

HCTV -- ITEM #14

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Catherine was born in Florence, Italy, as Caterina Maria Romula di Lorenzo de' Medici. The Medici family was at the time the de facto rulers of Florence: originally bankers, they came to great wealth and power by bankrolling the monarchies of Europe. <br /><br />

Catherine's father, Lorenzo II de'Medici, was made Duke of Urbino by his uncle Pope Leo X, and the title reverted to Francesco Maria I della Rovere after Lorenzo's death. Thus, even though her father was a duke, Catherine was of relatively low birth. However her mother, Madeleine de la Tour d'Auvergne, the Countess of Boulogne, was from one of the most prominent and ancient French noble families; this prestigious maternal heritage was of benefit to her future marriage to a Royal Prince of France.<br /><br />

According to a contemporary chronicler, when Catherine de' Medici was born, her parents, were "as pleased as if it had been a boy". Madeleine died on 28 April and Lorenzo died on 4 May. The young couple were married the year before at Amboise as part of the alliance between King Francis I of France and Pope Leo against the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. King Francis wanted Catherine to be raised at the French court, but Pope Leo had other plans for her. He intended to marry her to his brother's illegitimate son, Ippolito de' Medici, and set them up to rule Florence.<br /><br />

Catherine was first cared for by her paternal grandmother, Alfonsina Orsini (wife of Piero de' Medici). After Alfonsina's death in 1520, Catherine joined her cousins and was raised by her aunt, Clarice Strozzi. The death of Pope Leo in 1521 interrupted Medici power briefly, until Cardinal Giulio de' Medici was elected Pope Clement VII in 1523. Clement housed Catherine in the Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, where she lived in state. The Florentine people called her duchessina ("the little duchess"), in deference to her unrecognised claim to the Duchy of Urbino.<br /><br />

In 1527, the Medici were overthrown in Florence by a faction opposed to the regime of Clement's representative, Cardinal Silvio Passerini, and Catherine was taken hostage and placed in a series of convents. Clement had no choice but to crown Charles Holy Roman Emperor in return for his help in retaking the city. In October 1529, Charles's troops laid siege to Florence. As the siege dragged on, voices called for Catherine to be killed and exposed on the city walls. The city finally surrendered on 12 August 1530. Clement called Catherine to Rome and greeted her with open arms and tears in his eyes. Then he set about the business of finding her a husband.<br /><br />

On her visit to Rome, the Venetian envoy described Catherine as "small of stature, and thin, and without delicate features, but having the protruding eyes peculiar to the Medici family". Suitors, however, lined up for her hand, including James V of Scotland who sent the Duke of Albany to Clement to conclude a marriage in April and November 1530. When Francis I of France proposed his second son, Henry, Duke of Orléans, in early 1533, Clement jumped at the offer. Henry was a prize catch for Catherine, who despite her wealth was from commoner origins.<br /><br />

The wedding, a grand affair marked by extravagant display and gift-giving, took place in Marseille on 28 October 1533. Prince Henry danced and jousted for Catherine. The fourteen-year-old couple left their wedding ball at midnight to perform their nuptial duties. Henry arrived in the bedroom with King Francis, who is said to have stayed until the marriage was consummated. He noted that "each had shown valour in the joust". Clement visited the newlyweds in bed the next morning and added his blessings to the night's proceedings.<br /><br />

Catherine saw little of her husband in their first year of marriage, but the ladies of the court treated her well, impressed with her intelligence and keenness to please. The death of Pope Clement VII on 25 September 1534, however, undermined Catherine's standing in the French court. The next pope, Paul III, broke the alliance with France and refused to pay her huge dowry. King Francis lamented, "The girl has come to me stark naked."<br /><br />

Prince Henry showed no interest in Catherine as a wife; instead, he openly took mistresses. For the first ten years of the marriage, Catherine failed to produce any children. In 1537, on the other hand, Philippa Duci, one of Henry's mistresses, gave birth to a daughter, whom he publicly acknowledged. This proved that Henry was fertile and added to the pressure on Catherine to produce a child.<br /><br />

In 1536, Henry's older brother, Francis, caught a chill after a game of tennis, contracted a fever, and died, leaving Henry the heir. As Dauphine, Catherine was now expected to provide a future heir to the throne. <br /><br />

According to the court chronicler Brantôme, "many people advised the king and the Dauphin to repudiate her, since it was necessary to continue the line of France". Divorce was discussed. In desperation, Catherine tried every known trick for getting pregnant, such as placing cow dung and ground stags' antlers on her "source of life", and drinking mule's urine. So, she turned to witchcraft and devil worship in order to bear children. On 19 January 1544, she at last gave birth to a son, named after King Francis.<br /><br />

After becoming pregnant once, Catherine had no trouble doing so again. She may have owed her change of luck to the physician Jean Fernel, who had noticed slight abnormalities in the couple's sexual organs and advised them how to solve the problem. Catherine went on to bear Henry a further nine children, seven of whom survived infancy, including the future Charles IX (born 27 June 1550); the future Henry III (born 19 September 1551); and Francis, Duke of Anjou (born 18 March 1555). The long-term future of the Valois dynasty, which had ruled France since the 14th century, seemed assured.<br /><br />

Catherine's new-found ability to bear children, however, failed to improve her marriage. In 1538, at the age of nineteen, Henry had taken as his mistress the thirty-eight year old Diane de Poitiers, whom he adored for the rest of his life. <br /><br />

Even so, he respected Catherine's status as his consort. When King Francis I died in 1547 Catherine became queen consort of France. She was crowned in the basilica of Saint-Denis in June 1549. Everyone knew she was mystical, but they did not know until years after her death just how empowered she truly was!<br /><br />

After firsthand finding success with the occult, in getting pregnant to forecast the prosperity to keep her marriage together, Catherine began studying the magic and developed her extreme abilites of paranormal majestics!<br /><br />

Her image was showcased by many artists over the years since she was the reigning Queen, though many did not properly compose her features, as they did not want her to be upset with their depiction.<br /><br />

The Queen was far from a stunning beauty and this was a discern for many of the commoners of the land. This detailed piece was the favorite depiction of Catherine and she decided to use it as her powerhouse of all her forces she gained!<br /><br />

The center is an original form from the mid 16th century. It contains 2 illusive pearls and 4 stunning diamonds. This piece became the centralized area for the Queen's invocation of extreme powers. <br /><br />

This item was endured through the years as a knowledgeable force that has been gifted down from one empowered visionary to another. <br /><br />

Everything is vessel-ed into this piece. From the incinerating family attributes you will gain:<br /><br />

  • AMAZING wealth -- as this piece holds the fundamental strengths of the banking minds that set forth her family's majesty!<br /><br />
  • Catherine also worked with the most powerful genies, witches, and vampires that roam the realms of the Universe -- they are energized within this gorgeous amulet and will work with you once you relinquish the power into your body.<br /><br />
  • You will gain all the assets of magic; white, black, and dual -- this will illuminate your desires by allowing you to follow only the rituals you wish to use. So you have no fear of harm, or death.<br /><br />
  • After her life was changed by the implemented pregnancy, she was able to integrate all areas of magic and this brought her the power to also change her image; this ability will come forth to you and you will be able to adhere this power to bring beauty, youth, love and sex your way!<br /><br />
  • The mighty agenda of this piece will associate true alchemy into your life~ Alchemy is the art of multiplication, and appropriately enough the perplexing mysteries of this world continue to multiply on a daily basis. This causes confusion. People are now mentally, emotionally, and physically breaking down due to this confusion... but this piece represents the dissolution phase of the alchemical process. Those who understand the esoteric truth of the Method are using alchemy as a tool to reshape the world. They know how to manifest change.<br /><br />

The relic piece of power is gold with the diamonds and pearls -- this was then adorned to a strand of freshwater, cultured pearls to make this more easily wearable.<br /><br />

You will gain an immediate bond to the extensive knowledge of ritual empowerments that come forth in your life --- the center portion, that is from the late 1540's, is a follicle of unique connection to the Queen consort of France!<br /><br />

This piece is a steal at only $7,000.00 -- this is the theological component of complete monarchy power of authority in all areas of the occult~!<br /><br />

 Listen to the radio show where Jason entails background and his experience with this amazing piece!<br /><br />


<br /><br />

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