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These cufflinks belonged to Alexander -- he was bitten by a vampire when he was 13. He wasn't killed by the bite, but was transformed into a vampire himself!<br /><br />

The 'precious bite' as he called it granted him unbelieveable abilities that he found phenomenal.<br /><br />

He used these cufflinks to perform ritualism of mind control. With this power, one is able to steal, create, and remove memories from a subject. <br /><br />

You will capture your victims mind without them even being aware of it. This is an amazing power that you can use for your benefit. You cannot completely wipe out someones internal memory, however, you can slightly altar someones memory!<br /><br />

Use these links with caution and make sure to wear them for 2 weeks to embody the power that Alexander left within them -- these are fantastic!<br /><br />