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Glowing Phenomenon-<br /><br />

A blue glow emanated from the ill woman’s breasts as she lay asleep. It happened regularly for several weeks, and each time the luminescence lasted for several seconds. No one could explain it”<br /><br />

Anna Monaro of Italy was called "the luminous woman of Pirano" because of this phenomenon.<br /><br />

She first started to glow during an asthma attack in 1934 and became a news sensation at the time. The glow was recorded on film and was also witnessed by many doctors. They presumed that the glowing was caused by 'electrical and magnetic organisms in the woman's body developed in eminent degree' although this doesn’t confirm matters.<br /><br />

Another doctor suggested that high amounts of sulphides in her blood where stimulated into luminescence by a natural process, however if this is true why did the glow only come from the breasts and while she slept?<br /><br />

There is in fact a lot of documented evidence of glowing and luminous wounds. In Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine (1897) Dr George Gould and Dr Pyle describe a breast cancer that produced light from the sore strong enough to illuminate the hands of a watch several feet away.<br /><br />

Hereward Carrington, an American psychical researcher, tells of a child whose body, after death from acute indigestion, was surrounded by a blue glow.<br /><br />

The only case of a glowing human who was otherwise healthy comes from a letter to the English Mechanic of 24 September 1869:<br /><br />

“An American lady, on going to bed, found that a light was issuing from the upper side of the fourth toe on her right foot. Rubbing increased the phosphorescent glow and it spread up her foot. Fumes were also given off, making the room disagreeable; and both light and fumes continued when the foot was held in a basin of water. Even washing with soap could not dim the toe. It lasted for three quarters of an hour before fading away, and was witnessed by her husband.”<br /><br />

Auric Fields<br /><br />

Many occultists and new agers believe that a body of light or “aura” surrounds every living being. Through training or natural clairvoyance the aura can be seen.<br /><br />

The strength of this light is said to vary with each individual, but is supposed to be brightest around those whose spiritual nature is most developed, or who are in a state of ecstasy.<br /><br />

“The Aura is an energy field that surrounds all living things, comprised of magnetic energy this field is unique to each individual. Humans are complex and dynamic, constantly changing beings and as such the auric field of each person is also unique and changing. When we perceive an event through our senses this information is given meaning in our brain. This electrochemical process has an effect on the body; the brain sends electrical and chemical information through our body constantly regulating everything from how we feel emotionally, to how we feel physically. The path of flow for information in our body is the spine. As information comes from the brain and travels down the spine a direction of current flow is established, at a right angle to this flow of magnetic energy is your personal field or Aura.<br /><br />

The Aura contains much information about us, this info can give us clues as to what has happened in the past, what sort of energies we are letting ourselves be open to in the future. Also past physical ailments or the beginning of new ones. Depending on the number of colours, the position of these colours, the shade of any particular colour and many other factors such as the overall shape of your Aura, size, and how quickly your auric colours change gives us a wealth of information concerning your past, and your future possibilities. “<br /><br />

Could the reported glowing be a physical manifestation of the auric field?<br /><br />

Nandor Fodor, the writer on parapsychology, tells us that medieval saints and mystics distinguished four different types of aura: the nimbus, the halo, the aureola and the glory. The nimbus and halo stream from or surround the head, and the aureola emanates from the whole body. The glory is an intensified form of the whole body glow- a veritable flooding of light. Theosophists speak of five: the health aura, the vital aura, the Karmic aura, the aura of character and the aura of spiritual nature. Different colours indicate emotional state or character. Brilliant red means anger or force: dirty red, passion and sensuality; brown, avarice; rose, affection; yellow, high intellectual activity; purple, spirituality; blue, religious devotion; green, deceit and jealousy or, in a deeper shade, sympathy.<br /><br />

Holy Fire<br /><br />

Most people are aware of the Christian representation of the halo.<br /><br />

What is less known is the original purpose of the crowns and headdresses that were worn by the kings and priests. These were representations of the aureola – a glowing from the body and can be found in all major cultures around the world. I think this could insinuate that the glowing phenomenon or auric fields have been known since the dawn of history and beyond.<br /><br />

Even Pope Benedict the XIV in his great treatise on beatification and canonization wrote:<br /><br />

“It seems to be a fact that there are natural flames which at times visibly encircle the head, and also that from a man's whole person fire may on occasion radiate naturally, not, however like a flame which streams upwards, but rather in the form of sparks which are given off all around; further, that some people become resplendent with a blaze of light, though this is not inherent in themselves, but attaches rather to there clothes, or to the staff or to the spear that they are carrying.”<br /><br />

We have cases from history that shows not just holy people can experience the glowing. It seems modern day society and the new age as such has taken to looking into the glowing in its different forms.<br /><br />

One thing that strikes me about the glowing, is that it could be a natural bodily phenomenon but also could it be the first signs of Spontaneous Human Combustion? This piece is real gold and Opals.<br /><br />