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Call upon darkness --- you can see light -

This piece is elegant and to most would seem like a piece you would wear to accentuate a pretty outfit. Well the former owner of this piece had a great facade; she conjured dark spirits, but was seen as the cute little old lady on Miller Street.

Mildred had lived in her home for the past 52 years and everyone in the area knew who she was. She was always kind to everyone she met and had a ravishing pull about her. She would make people feel obligated to come and visit because of her fragile state and age.

It was hard to not make time every once in a while to stop in and chat for a bit. I liked Mildred, but there was always something strange about her; she seemed a little off. I used to think this was because she was old and maybe losing her mind, but I recently found out that it was because she called upon demons.

After her death we found a shrine of darkness... her portal to demons. This necklace was at the base of the shrine and you could feel negative energy coming from it. Mildred left me some of her things in her will, including this piece. I didn't know why she would have left this to me, but after seeing the shrine and powers that she called upon, I realized that she figured I would be the only one in town who may understand!

With this piece you are able to do demonomancy; which is summoning of demons to answer questions. I tested this piece, along with Lindy, even though I am not a fan of dark powers. This piece allows you to get answers from the dark side without having to fear losing your faith.

This piece can actually make your beliefs stronger, whether you worship in darkness or light. You can get answers from the underworld that you may have questioned your whole life. I feel that Mildred used this piece to better understand some of her neighbors views on life and she could take the response of darkness to find new hope in the light!

Take this piece and use it to conjure up answers from the dark side ---- Either wear the necklace or hold it in your hands while you ask questions that appeal to your curiosity ~ use this to learn more about the separation in passing and what powers you can gain with your knowledge.